24 Frosty Creatures That Take Snowmen To The Next Level.

24 Frosty Creatures That Take Snowmen To The Next Level. December 17, 2018

If you live in an area that regularly gets snow in the winter, chances are you’ve made a few snowmen in your lifetime. Now before you go and stack snowballs on top of each other to make the traditional snowman, perhaps try to think outside of the box this year. Whether it’s in your front lawn or at the resort you’ve booked for the weekend, building a snowman is always a fun activity. But most people build identical snowmen because it’s all they know. Well, take a look at the list of super creative snowmen we’ve compiled below to strike some inspiration for some new ideas. Think of snow as clay or play dough, you literally can make whatever you want! Have fun with it and show others around you just how creative you are.Using glow sticks as the eyes was genius!

Or should I say “Snow Face,” man this is awesome.

So simply yet so adorable!

Didn’t you know, they make the best companions.

I do gotta say the kid fitting half his body into the snowman is pretty impressive.

Whatever you want to say to make yourself feel better.

“None! I’m the only one! Ta-da!”

Even the teeth look perfect.

Are you really sure this is a good idea?

Everyone run and duck for cover! They’re stronger than they look.

Get away while you still can!

“This is me calm. You don’t wanna see what I look like when I’m angry.”

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

The body physique here is great.

Poor guy just wanted to know how the window tasted.

All the drivers passing by would enjoy the humor and irony!

Just look at the car to scale the size!

“We want longer winter!” “We want better quality carrots!”

You can say he’s the snow version of Garfield. Do you see the resemblance?

Just in perfect timing for the new Star Wars Rouge One movie that came out.

And now the mailbox is the snowman’s mouth. Brilliant!

I would call them baby bears but their shapes aren’t really defined…

You can barely tell the two apart!

How could they be real? There are no fallen leaves/footprints.