Some Say The Solar Eclipse Of August 21st Will Cause Weight Loss And We Know Why.

Some Say The Solar Eclipse Of August 21st Will Cause Weight Loss And We Know Why. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Millions of people are expected to watch the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The “path of totality” will run from Oregon to South Carolina. Still what makes this solar eclipse exciting is that it will be seen across North America gracing from sea to sea. The last time this happened was in 1918. Many enthusiasts believe the eclipse will bring along supernatural powers on the earth and humans alike.Millions are expected to descend on the “path of totality.” Authorities are warning travelers to expect delays, pack a lot of water, and food in preparation for the big day.

These are used to avoid getting harmful rays affecting the eyes while you stare directly at the sun. Although, reports have found that companies are selling fake or counterfeit glasses.

This is not the first solar eclipse but this one is special. Keep in mind 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in oceans.

Furthermore, others occur in remote parts of the world. This solar eclipse is expected to sweep across of 4,000 kilometres long and 120 kilometres wide.

For some states it means, they will have just under 11 minutes to view the eclipse from beginning to end. It is expected to end in South Carolina at approximately 2:49 p.m. EST.

A total solar eclipse happens on earth approximately every 18 months somewhere on earth. Except this can be viewed by approximately 300 million people.

The National Eclipse Ballooning Project will launch 72 balloons skyward to study the earth’s atmosphere during the eclipse.

Throughout the centuries, it has been reported that animals act unusually during an eclipse. Reports of birds falling from the sky, dairy cows seeking shelter in barns, and crickets chirping.

Some animals go completely silent during the eclipse. While giraffes have been seen running around during a total blackout.

NASA says there is no scientific evidence that eclipses have any physical effects on humans. It does admit that for centuries the solar eclipse has produced psychological effects.

While others viewed it as a new beginning which led to sacrifices or confusion among folks. “Although there are no direct physical effects involving known forces, the consequences of the induced human psychological states have indeed led to physical effects,” NASA explains.

Only water and juice are allowed during a full moon. It is believed this cleans the body of toxins, allowing folks to lose approximately six pounds in just one day.

The thought behind it is that a part of the population who are exposed to the sun in the morning have a lower weight mass as opposed to those in the afternoon.

Some sites recommend that starting a diet on this date is ideal. To begin the weight-loss process would required the individual to fast for 24 hours.

It is believed that solar eclipses speed up a person’s metabolism. It is also believed to burn more fat during this period.

This along with the Vikings believing that a dog named Skol stole the sun, or some ancient cultures believing the sun and moon are fighting, and even the belief that eating food cooked during the eclipse is poisoned.

There are no hidden secrets in how to achieve the desired weight you want. Just the commitment to have a healthy lifestyle.

Most people wait until the new year but why not start a little early? Imagine how much better you’d feel if you were 5-10 pounds lighter when January 2018 rolls around.

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