Someone Converted This Old London Church Into A Luxurious Home.

Someone Converted This Old London Church Into A Luxurious Home. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a church’s interior design? But have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live inside one? Well, for one lucky person, that dream has now become a reality. But it’s no longer the church most people who go to mass on Sunday are used to. The James Spicer Memorial Church Hall School, located in Chingford, North-East London, has undergone a complete overhaul and has ultimately been transformed into a luxurious mansion courtesy of a Brazilian interior designer complete with everything anyone would want and more. It even has a piano that plays itself!At the time, Queen Victoria was on the throne, but times have changed, and so did everything else, including this church, which is no longer a church at all, but rather a breathtaking luxurious home you have to see to believe.

When the congregation dwindled, the church closed, but then came the brilliant Brazilian interior designer, Gianna Camilotti. She bought the property after falling her over heels in love with it, and turned it into a home and an office space.

But while the church is anything but a church, Camilotti decided to keep some of the original features, such as the ethereal looking windows which make a beautiful contrast with the see-through glass walls of the bedroom.

Well, now it’s still a meeting place, but for parties with friends and family members, and it seemed like Camilotti spared no expense to ensure that it could accommodate several people. There’s also a futuristic slick, clean look from the winding staircase, to the London piano-bar.

Now it’s sinfully delicious, courtesy of this talented designer who turned this grade II listed church area into a luxurious bedroom with an arched mirror and even an animal rug. Now this is the kind of bedroom we’d love to wake up in every morning.

The most notable features are the original vaulted doors and window, as well as the exposed curved oak beams that cross through areas like this restroom.

Camilotti’s open plan design is superb with the vast living room, spacious dining area, and kitchen on the first floor. And if you have to go to the bathroom, you can always use the ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom or take a nap on one of the two bedrooms on the second floor.

You might wind up sitting on the long L-shaped sofa in the vast living room while you watch some television, look out the arched 19th century windows, or just stare at the 9-meter high ceiling above your head.

Her personal touch includes things like a self-playing digital piano, and a wide array of furnishings such as the large sofa in the lounge, the cushions and the dining table, all of which she designed herself. She also included underfloor heating through the interior of this fabulous home.

You may have even noticed that there’s plenty of white canvas to just about everything, but there are hints of Camilotti’s personal touch so that the place didn’t wind up looking like it was just four walls, the floor and a high ceiling.

Enjoy the evening outdoors with a nice glass of wine after a long day of work, and don’t worry if the sun goes down, because Camilotti installed 15 nicely concealed light bulbs throughout the garden to keep you out of the dark while you unwind, and they glow red.

From the very beginning, Camilotti designed the interior and exterior of this church turned home to be open to friends, so whenever she had guests over, they could all have a nice cozy dinner, and maybe even do some karaoke. Man, we’d love to be on her top ten list of friends she’d want to invite over.

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