Someone Created The Cutest Sign To Keep A Little Penguin Safe.

Someone Created The Cutest Sign To Keep A Little Penguin Safe. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

As humans, we share this beautiful Earth with an array of different creatures. Typically, they do a great job taking care of themselves without any type of interference from humans, but occasionally, something happens which causes them to need a little help. This man was taking his daily bike ride when he stumbled upon a creature who clearly needed his assistance. Keep reading to find out how this man gathered his community to help a lonely animal in need.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a baby blue penguin on New Zealand’s south island hanging out all by herself. Baby blue penguins usually have their mother with them, watching over them, but this baby’s mother was nowhere to be seen.

The penguin began to get the attention of other people passing by, as well as their four-legged furry friends. Jeff knew he needed to help so he immediately ran home to grab his camera.

There was a group of other townspeople circling around the penguin. They also wanted to ensure that no trouble came to the little creature while it waited for its mother to return.

The sign read: “Hi, I’m waiting for my mum to come back. DOC (Department of Conservation) knows I’m here. Please leave me alone. *Keep your dog away. Thanks, Billy the baby blue penguin.” But as the day continued, they noticed that something was a bit off.

Billy, who actually turned out to be a girl, was still on the beach alone by the end of the day, so something needed to be done for her. That’s how the lone penguin ended up at the Christchurch Penguin Rehabilitation Center.

Their first step was to put some meat on her bones. Billy was given a diet of fish smoothies and fluids on the first day, but she was able to have a delicious dinner of salmon and anchovies on the second night. Once Billy gains enough weight, she’ll be released back into the wild. Fortunately, thanks to the help of Jeff and the conservation center, it won’t take too long for Billy to get back to where she belongs!

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