Someone Discovered Hitler’s Hidden Underground Secrets.

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You thought you knew everything there was to know about Hitler. But you were wrong. Under Hitler’s leadership, the Nazis controlled lots of territories in Russia. It’s no secret the Nazis conducted biomedical and military research in labs and bunkers. A lot of strategic secrets were held within these zones. But none were as outstanding as a recent find in an underground bunker. So, while Hitler was defeated in 1945, there were things buried underground. Now they’ve been unearthed and historians and archaeologist are eager to uncover the answers behind these timeless treasures. Get ready to learn more about Hitler’s buried secrets.On January 16, 1945, Hitler moved himself and those closest to him to a secret refuge. The bunker would serve as home and shelter for the notorious Nazi leader until his final days.

The shelter was located in Berlin, Germany. When Allies started bombing the area, Hitler found refuge there. He also brought his girlfriend Evan Braun, his dog Blondi, and his six kids. They were joined by senior staff members, Joseph and Magda Goebbels and Martin Bormann. Thirty nurses, including Johanna Ruf, resided there too.

Hitler knew the end was near. So, as his city was bombarded by enemy bombs, he panicked. The Nazi regime was near the end. The Soviet Red Army was nearing the Capital, and Hitler was breaking down.

On April 22, 1945, the Fuhrer was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. There was no doubt in Hitler’s mind that the final war would be fought in Berlin. So, he ordered anyone he felt betrayed his movement to be punished. But even as he barked out orders, angry tears proved he was on the losing end of this war.

Defeat was eminent. So, Hitler married Eva Braun and they lived happily ever after… for less than 40 hours. He also wrote his final will and instructions in the event he was killed or vanished.

On April 30, 1945, just after lunch, Hitler and his bride walked into an underground study. By 3:30 in the afternoon, witnesses heard gunshots. The Fuhrer’s valet later confirmed that Hitler and Braun were dead. While Braun died from cyanide, Hitler put a gun to his head. Since that fateful day, there were a lot of questions that remained unanswered.

There have been plenty of conspiracy theories about the death of Hitler. It’s these theories and controversies that have lead historians to search for the secret bunker where the Fuhrer had allegedly died.

Explorer and history buff, Marc Askat, had explored many WWII sites over the years. But none were as amazing as the secret bunker that once belonged to Adolf Hitler himself. Using a camera, he documented his journey into the abyss. There, he uncovered a secret bunker in rural France, which shook the foundation of history.

Once Askat heard of the existence of the secret French bunker, he sought it out. Hidden deep in the forest, Askat put his life on the line. It was hunting season after all.

Then again, Askat was doing some hunting of his own. He was hunting for the truth. Deep within the rural area, was danger and knowledge waiting for him. There was nothing that would stop him from uncovering new evidence. He wasn’t sure what he’d find, but knew it would be epic.

Askat eventually made his way to a building. On the outside it appeared harmless. There was nothing special about this concrete structure. But was there more than met the eye?

With a little more digging, he uncovered an entry way. This led him to an underground city that hadn’t been explored in decades. It didn’t take long for Askat to confirm the rumors of this building. It turned out it was in fact a former Nazi fortress from WWII. But what was inside was even cooler.

Most historians believe that Hitler died in a bunker in Berlin. Others aren’t quite so sure about the Fuhrer’s fate. Was it possible that Hitler’s body hadn’t been cremated as he instructed after his suicide?

Although Hitler’s dentist had confirmed the Fuhrer was indeed dead, DNA said otherwise. In 2009, a skull fragment in the Russian federal archives was tested. It suggested that it did not belong to Hitler, but rather a woman. This begged the question, did Hitler kill himself? Was it a lie? Those answers might have been lying in wait under a bunker in France.

Askat couldn’t believe his eyes when he went into the structure. The rooms and tunnels were beyond anything he ever expected to find. As an explorer, this was his greatest achievement yet. But what he found was better than he expected.

The deeper he went in, the more he realized the six-mile underground lair belonged to the Nazis. This fort was undoubtedly intended to help win the way. So, why were the Nazis defeated? Askat explored further in hopes of learning the answer to that question. But what he learned would shake the foundation of all we knew.

If it weren’t for Askat’s persistence, no one would have ever known of this base. Sure, there were rumors surrounding the alleged secret base. But locals weren’t willing to talk. Fortunately, Askat had not been discouraged from exploring.

The structure had held well over the years. But it was only a matter of time before Mother Nature reclaimed it. Luckily, Askat had discovered the structure. Now he was well on his way of uncovering the buried secrets. One thing was certain; this bunker meant a lot to the Nazis.

Hitler was well known for storing his private collections in bunkers. In fact, he had several all over the world. So, rumors suggested that Hitler may have retreated into one when he lost the way.

Bunkers like this one, and the bunker in Berlin, have uncovered valuable secrets. Historians have spent years learning the secrets of WWII. It became clear to Askat that the bunker was strategically placed. From here, the Nazis would plan Britain’s invasion. But this particular bunker was intended for an attack on Paris.

Hitler was a strategist and military genius, albeit vicious and cruel. Like most military leaders, he had grown paranoid. So as the tides of war turned towards victory for his enemies, Hitler wanted an exit strategy.

Unwilling to accept defeat, historians believed that Hitler found a way to escape to this secret bunker located deep in the forest of rural France. Some believe that this would have been a temporary setback until he found a way to bounce back. Then he would strike at the heart of his enemies. But that attack, never came to be.

The secrets of this bunker weren’t limited to things found on the inside. Askat had also uncovered what this base meant to the Nazis on the outside as well. And let’s just say, he couldn’t wait to dive in.

He found an empty swimming pool on the rooftop of the compound. It was full of leaves and drained. But Askat wasn’t interested in swimming anyway. What he wanted was to explore the inside of the bunker to uncover more secrets. So, he made his way into the fortress to uncover hidden Nazi secrets.

Askat had a date with history and he had no intention of being late. The bunker itself failed to serve its purpose. But it did provide a repository for one of history’s most notorious war leaders.

Was it possible that the reasons as to why the Nazi movement failed were buried here? Askat explored further for the answers. He uncovered that the bunker was called hauptquartier Wolfsschlucht II. From the look of the underground base, it was clear that hundreds of Nazi soldiers lived here. They had remained here in wait for a war that never came.

Askat searched for hidden secrets. What he found were bits of debris, old pipes, and canisters. But the thing that chilled him to the bone were the ghosts. They were lurking everywhere.

There wasn’t any actual paranormal phenomenon. But Askat could still sense the echo of those who once lived here. Still, he didn’t expect to run into specters or actual survivors of the Nazi regime. He was however looking forward to uncovering a huge find. Only time would tell if Askat would get his wish.

The bunker holds many hidden secrets from the past, but Askat remains tightlipped. He’ll tell you about his experiences and what it took to get to the bunker. But there’s one piece of information he’ll never tell.

Askat wants to avoid people trampling on the bunker and taking credit for his discovery. So, he’s not telling anyone the exact location. What we do know is that the area is owned by the French Foreign Legion. They conduct secret training operations, which would put civilians in danger. For now, Askat intends to preserve this very important part of Nazi history.

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