Someone Renamed Designer’s Latest Collection With Comical New Names.

Someone Renamed Designer’s Latest Collection With Comical New Names. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever looked at an actual clothing catalog or online catalog and felt like the names and descriptions of certain items felt more like they were body shaming their customers? Take a look at some and you might be shaking your head in shock and wondering, who’d want to buy these with a name like that? Well, one shopper felt that way too, particularly about Zara, so she went ahead and renamed the company’s latest items with more creative and in some cases, hilarious names to prove a point. You certainly wouldn’t want to mess with this shopper, because she’s armed with a Sharpie and she’s not afraid to use it to change your mind.Lucy Clemson, a businesswoman from London, started tweeting photos of Zara’s clothing lines, but she decided to add a little twist to them by rebranding them with a bit of sarcastic humor.

While Clemson’s tactics might seem scathing, Twitter users are absolutely loving her sassy critiques and retweeting them. In fact, her tweets have gotten over 7,000 likes and shares in such a short time.

So, since the print looked strikingly similar to the chocolate tin that’s known all around the world, she decided to rename it this, and honestly, we totally see it.

Her mockery of the company’s online catalog has been making waves, and she’s clearly not a fan of words on a shirt. At the very least, she’d ask that there was some meaning behind the words.

She compared the roll neck to sausage casing because it not only looked tight on the model but was shiny as well. But if anything, it seems to be drawing more attention to Zara’s collection of clothes.

Her fashion advice will likely make women think twice before buying certain clothing items, like these pants, which she clearly doesn’t approve of.

It’ might be unique and edgy, but Clemson has obviously shaken her head no when it comes to this otherwise kooky styling, but we wonder what Zara thinks of her comments.

But most customers would have never even considered thinking of it as some poor animal who met an untimely end on the side of the road. But who could get that imagery out of their heads now?

But while we’re all laughing, Clemson is clearly horrified by some of the styles that she obviously doesn’t find very fashionable, despite the wide array of assortments.

Who else would have considered comparing those drops on that pair of slippers to the tough metallic shelled exterior of the Doctor’s most terrifying villains?

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