Son Asked Father Not To Wave At Him In Front Of School Bus, And This Is What He Got.

Son Asked Father Not To Wave At Him In Front Of School Bus, And This Is What He Got. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Parents will stop at nothing to teach their children a lesson. No matter what they do, it seems like parents have eyes in the back and four sets of ears. They know you’re going to mess up even before you do. Just ask 16-year old Rain Price, who was really mortified of his father, Dale Price, waving at him every morning when he got on the school bus. But Mr. Price isn’t one to be messed with, and he quickly figured out a way to teach the teenager a valuable lesson.

Parents will jump at the chance to have a battle of the wits with their smartass kids. And you know there can only be one winner. As soon as Mr. Price realized that his kid had “a problem” with him waving at him at the bus stop, he figured out a way to poke fun at his teenager’s son request. And boy, he wasn’t playing!

Adding more fuel to the proverbial fire will teach his snarky teenage son that, well, it can always get worse! How worse? Well if your dad saying goodbye in the morning makes you feel embarrassed, wait until you see him in a leprechaun costume.

Mr. Price had no problems showing off his figure, even in the most ridiculous getups he could find. It almost seemed like he was purposely looking for the most outrageous costumes he could get a hold of. And boy, if this little mermaid fitting outfit, complete with a shell bra didn’t do it, I don’t know what will!

Dad wasn’t about to let his son get used to his silly costumes, so he upped the game by donning the most humiliating thing he could come up with. Mr. Price, who by now seriously deserves the “Dad of the year award,” sat down in front of his house on a portable loo, jeans around his ankles, while reading a newspaper. He finished off the look with a massive grin on his face. His kid probably went from regular teen to “that kid with the dad who goes number two on the front porch.”

He said, “When he did it the first day I was in shock. You don’t want to see your dad dressing up in a wedding dress, waving at you on the bus.” Everyone’s jaws on the school bus must’ve been on the floor. This goes to show that sometimes, you have to get really creative when dealing with kids.

“I hope this lives with him for the rest of his life,” he said. Thankfully, it seems like his little life lesson did end up working wonders, as now Rain is an active church missionary, working in Liberia, West Africa. So it seems like dressing up as Princess Leia, Captain Kirk, and even a bride, didn’t really cause a rift between these two.

Mr. Price should really consider keeping these costumes handy. You never know when you might need to teach your kid a lesson again, even if they’re 35 and married at this point. Heck, even your future grand-kids might need a little reality check from grandpa Price!

After a while, he started making national waves, appearing on Inside Edition, ABC4, Fox News, Good Morning America, Yahoo, AOL, MSNBC, and even on The Blaze. To say that people where cheering for Mr. Price is an understatement.

Since he’s been wearing a different costume every day, you can bet that he’s had issues coming up with new ideas for costumes. But somehow, he managed to stay fun, playful, and spooky. And when it was hard for him to come up with a costume, the neighbors and Mr. Price’s friends pitched in for the cause. So what do his friends and family think of his antics? “It’s typical Dale!”

After more than 40 costumes, his tricks ended up turning in to a treat for everyone at the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, everyone on the block says they’re looking forward to seeing the Utah Dad don a new costume every day, and Rain even thinks it’s “kind of funny now” that his dad has turned into such a viral sensation.

He started a blog called, “Wave At The Bus” where he shares snippets of Rain’s life as a missionary, and shows off the most creative revenge costumes he’s donned in the past. His waving days might be over, but he’s still keeping himself entertained and joyful. You go, Dad!

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