Soon We Won’t Have To Ski… Robots Will Do It For Us.

Soon We Won’t Have To Ski… Robots Will Do It For Us. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

For some people, snow sports are a breeze. It’s not hard to imagine an athletic blonde casually sashaying down a mountain on her skis, or a guy with long hair doing tricks on his snowboard. For others, though, skiing and the like don’t come as easily, and require years of lesson and practice. It’s enough to make a person wish they could be programmed into being good at the sport. Well, Jennifer is! Jennifer, the first skiing robot, has been built and programmed to alpine and cross country ski. She can ski in different conditions, position her legs for braking and speed, and stay upright despite the most treacherous snowy conditions. The scientists who built her are still working on ways to help Jennifer change direction on the slopes, but what they have accomplished thus far is nothing short of amazing: Jennifer just might look better on skis than most of the people you know! Check out this awesome video of Jennifer doing her thing – I was seriously impressed by her skills at 1:02.

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