“Sorry You’re Out” Notes Left By UK Couriers That Will Make You Laugh.

“Sorry You’re Out” Notes Left By UK Couriers That Will Make You Laugh. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Shock, confusion, outrage! These are all typical emotions we’ve experienced when we’ve come home and found a note from the mail courier. That’s when you realize you had a package delivered, but you weren’t home to receive it or worse. You were home all day but somehow didn’t hear the courier knocking or ringing the doorbell. Now, most notes are pretty straight forward. The package was left with your neighbor, or you’ll have to make a call and schedule another delivery. But some notes are so brilliantly hilarious left by couriers in the UK that they’ll have you in stitches. Here are some of our favorites.It might explain why this courier signed the note “Love Derek.” Looks like some couriers like to spread some love while doing their daily routes. But this one went the extra mile by leaving the packet in a woodpile… with love, we’re sure.

Apparently, their couriers had been the victims of some seriously hilarious pranks, but the postal staff wasn’t exactly laughing so they sent this oh so serious letter to warm the homeowner to cut it out.

Hopefully, the package that was left on the property fared a lot better than this note did. Maybe the piece of paper was enough to satiate the pooch’s appetite. If not, this person will have to apply for a new passport.

Most people already know that a lot of couriers only claim to have knocked on the door and rang the doorbell when they didn’t. At least this one was honest about the reason why they didn’t deliver the package. If only every courier could be this funny.

The person he delivered to must have had a ton of bins just lying around in the front yard, so the courier gave specific instructions so the person wouldn’t spend hours rummaging through the bins to find the parcel.

They’ll deliver to anyone, even if you’re Albert the cat. But when you’re a courier, you sometimes have to make an impression by being creative, and notes like this one are a great way to brighten someone’s day too.

You have to give this courier a hand for reporting the major prison break the homeowner’s chicken made. The courier even put the exact time and the number of chickens. How thorough. He should consider being a cop.

They didn’t just write down the color of the box, but they drew what the box looked like in case the person in the house had never seen a box in their life. Or maybe the courier wanted to show off that they had artistic talents as well. Don’t quit your day job!

Apparently, the window is located above the toilet because the second note read “I’m really sorry I think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally.” Oops!

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