Sources Say Rihanna ‘Feels Sexy And More Confident With New Curves.”

Sources Say Rihanna ‘Feels Sexy And More Confident With New Curves.” March 31, 2023Leave a comment

In case you haven’t heard, our beloved Riri is under attack by haters who seemed to think she’s a little too curvy for her own good. But somehow she’s managed to stun her longtime fans and Hollywood alike with her fashion taste and great looking figure. So all those people who are body-shaming Rihanna, better watch out, because she’s proving that being happy with yourself and your body is an asset that’s worth celebrating, not ridiculing.She certainly knows how to make an entrance and knock people’s socks off in the process. But that’s what you’d come to expect from such an amazing goddess like Riri.

From casual to trendy, she knows how to look fabulous and avoid a fashion fail, but sadly, not everyone seems to think so. In fact, some folks are solely focused on her body and whether she puts on weight or she doesn’t.

She’s actually happy with the way that she looks from head to toe. At this point, the girl with the body of a goddess and the bank account of a king couldn’t care less if someone deems her body “unacceptable.”

Well Riri would certainly agree with that philosophy. In fact, she’s not just looking amazing, but feeling it too. So for anyone who thinks she should go on a diet, she claims she’s not changing for anyone.

One fan even posted or rather re-posted a video of Rihanna from way back in 2015, where she defended herself against those who would body-shame her.

A former writer named Spags, whose real name was Chris Spagnuolo, accused Rihanna of being a bad influence on women because her plus-size could encourage others to gain weight.

He claimed that Riri appeared to be wearing a sumo wrestler suit and pushing 180, which made fans wonder if Spags had ever had a positive female role model. Clearly, he hadn’t.

He continued to trash Rihanna’s appearance and claimed that Riri’s example would create a “world of ladies shaped like the Hindenburg loaded into a one-piece bathing suit.”

Fans expressed outrage over Spags comments, but also wanted to remind people and even Riri that she looks awesome, particularly because Riri was never ashamed of her figure.

She totally rocked a Bardot Giambattista Valli number, with a striking train that trailed behind her, and a front that was just begging for a wardrobe malfunction the likes of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

She strutted the red carpet and showed off all of her curves and assets while proudly promoting the premiere of her new film, which she starred in along with Cara Delevingne.

She’s jaw dropping, elegant, and sensational, and we’re not just talking about her figure, but also her fashion choices, which are so elegant, not even Fashion Police could find any faults.

She looks marvelous, and her presence is overwhelmingly awesome. There’s probably no better body positive role model in the world for young women everyone like Rihanna.

Sure, she’s got money, fame, and looks, but when it comes to emotions, she’s just like the rest of us. In other words, her nose isn’t stuck in some cloud and she knows her fans are the key to her success.

Whether she’s dazzling people with a sparkling gown, or showing off that slick, glossy hair, or some amazing jewelry, Riri is like a monument to worship and admire.

It seems to be attracting plenty of hype, some good, some bad. Fortunately, for the most part, both she and the fashion industry are taking advantage and showing off how pretty she is.

Just watch “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets” where she plays Bubbles, a burlesque dancer who works at a club owned by Ethan Hawke’s character.

Aside from having starred in “Battleship,” “Valerian,” and made cameos in films like “Annie” and “This Is The End,” Riri will be appearing in “Ocean’s Eight” alongside Sandra Bullock.

Back in 2014, Rihanna made an appearance at the First Annual Diamond Ball Benefitting the Clara Lionel Foundation at The Vineyard Beverly Hills, and she rocked this Pepto Bismol look.

Many women these days feel horrible when they put on a few pounds, and Riri is here with her confidence as armor to let everyone know that it’s okay because you can still be beautiful.

In fact, she still is beautiful, and she’s also healthy and happy, and that’s what matters in the end, not what someone writes on a sports site or what trolls write on comments.

In Hollywood, the pre-conceived beauty standard is like a bullseye when you gain a little bit of weight, but ultimately, it’s Rihanna’s opinion of herself that matters the most.

So recently, Riri has been seen spending a lot of quality time with businessman Hassan Jameel, who has allegedly been romantically involved with Naomi Campbell, but many say that’s ancient history.

Those closest to Riri claims that she feels as those Hassan Jameel could be the one, particularly, because he isn’t intimidated by femininity, which is something Riri has always looked for in a man.

Now that’s asking for a lot, but Riri allegedly claims that Hassan has treated her like a princess since they started dating and she she’s never dated a sweeter guy.

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