The Heart-Warming Story Of 2 Special Kittens Who Found Companionship In Each Other.

The Heart-Warming Story Of 2 Special Kittens Who Found Companionship In Each Other. January 2, 2019

Cats have the bad reputation of being moody and at times aggressive. Though this might be true to a certain extent, it does not change the fact that these temperamental creatures want love and affection from their humans. It may just be an act for felines as they are still sensitive. These are the same animals who will get scared and jumpy at the slight sound they hear. They are fascinating to say the least and there is still so much to learn about cats.”He was found as a kitten in Stockton with a maggot infested tail, which had to be amputated,” Hector’s foster parents said in an interview.

The recovery process was extremely quick and he was looking like his healthy self again. Afterwards he was placed in a foster home with the intention that his foster parents would later put him up for adoption. The little ginger boy had other plans.

For Hector, it was love at first sight. Kanga Roo, like him, was quite special in her own way. She was born with Radial Agenesis, a genetic condition that causes the front legs to bend. But Kanga doesn’t care, as she gets around just fine on her back legs by hopping like a little Kang-Roo, hence, the name.

The two felines understood each others’ needs and were there for each other from day one.

Their foster parents said Hector was their first foster from Saving Grace Rescue when they took him in on May 2015.

The two cats are inseparable. Hector loves to emulate everything his best friend does. Kanga, on the other hand, makes sure that Hector is always clean and well-groomed.