24 Back Tattoos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine.

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There's something about spine tattoos that are just so elegant, especially if it's the only tattoo on a person's back. Having a design go down the center of the back has a natural simplicity to it. Be warned, however, spine tattoos are known to be very painful — in fact, one of the more painful locations to receive a tattoo on the body. Since it's an area where there's a very thin layer of skin covering the bone, the pain can be almost unbearable. But don't let that scare you! Let these beautiful photos of peoples' spine tattoos inspire you.If you have a love for plants, then get a botanical tattoo. It can be leaves, vines, or any type of plants going down your spine.


Linear Patterns

Most people associate a spine with a vertical line. So it only makes sense that a design filled with linear patterns look gorgeous on the spine.


Chakras are the spiritual powers of Hinduism. These symbols are particularly popular amongst yoga fanatics as they represent the centers in a body in which energy flows through.

Sacred Geometry Design

What's more beautiful to put on your spine that symmetrical lines?


Dotted Diamonds

When in doubt, take a simple route. These diamonds are simple but the dots are what makes them look so elegant.


Mandalas represent wholeness. Not only do they carry great meaning, they are beautifully intricate and symmetrical -- a great design to get tattooed anywhere on the body including on the spine.

Various Flowers

This is a great design for people who love flowers. Try mixing it up by having each flower down the spine be a different type.



There are so many different types of tribal a person can get tattooed, and they all have different meanings. So be sure you know what you're getting before you get it.

101 Books

If you're a bookworm who loves to read, the spine is the perfect place to get a tattoo of a high pile of stacked books.


Straight Solid Line

Less is more. Sometimes the most minimalistic of tattoos are the most pleasing like this straight line from the neck all the way down the spine.

Ornamental Spine Design

A highly detailed piece that makes you take a second look. It almost looks like her back is opening up to reveal something in the middle.


Lotus with Ancient Language

Lotus' symbolize rebirth and life. In this particular design, however, the lotus is paired with letters from an ancient language which can lead to a deeper meaning.


If you have a favorite quote or a motto that you live by, the spine is a great place to have it inked onto. There's something about cursive words going down the spine that look so graceful.


Watercolor Tree

Don't be afraid to throw color in there! A watercolor tattoo is also a good choice for the spine as the paint drips go perfectly down the middle of the back.



Another tribal design that just looks so unique and beautiful. Some tribal pieces don't necessary represent a specific message, but are just intricate patterns put together.

Biochemical Spine Within Corset

This is more of a creative take on a back/spine piece making it look like her bones are actually coming out as if her skin was a corset.

Mixture of Colors

Try outlining your spine with a wonderful combination of colors. It's mainly just a mixture of colors but it can represent the universe.

Floral Design with Thorns

Floral designs are great but they can be common. If you really want a floral design that sticks out, try getting one that focuses more so on the thorns.

Spine Bone

What better thing to tattoo on a spine than an actual spine? This one's for people who are curious about what's underneath the skin.

Vintage Hyper Realistic Rose

Roses symbolize love and spines sometimes represent life. By getting a rose down your spine, it can symbolize how much you love life. The single rose also just looks so elegant going down the middle of your back.

Zipper Spine

A realistic tattoo looks great on the spine! Here we leave a little imagination to the mind, guessing what's underneath all those layers of skin zippers.

Moon Phases

If you're into astrology, getting the moon phases could be for you. It's unique and it symbolizes feminine power.


Abstract Flower

Abstract pieces are always great for the back. Adding an abstract element to any design makes it more unique and gives people more to think about.


This is very similar to the minimalistic single line tattoo but with a little something added to the top.