Squad Photos From Doggie Daycares That Will Make Your Day More Bearable.

Squad Photos From Doggie Daycares That Will Make Your Day More Bearable. May 21, 2020

Selfies have become an important part our lives, but of course, we love taking selfies of our pets any chance we can. With so many devices allowing us to take selfies, like mountable cellphone cases, selfie sticks, and grips that keep us from dropping our phones, it would be a shame to let a pet selfie opportunity slip through our fingers. So, let’s take a look at some of the most awesome doggie selfies taken at doggy daycares you’ve ever seen online. Take a look at these adorable selfies that will for sure melt your heart and make you want to adopt them all! Hopefully, your dogs are as cooperative as these pooches were.Jacqueline Sexton shared this selfie with the Stray Animal Adoption Program’s Facebook page. She noticed her dog, Rogue, whom she adopted from the Northern Kentucky animal rescue, seemed to be the one taking the selfie. Wow!

It’s obvious that Rogue was the leader of this pack of adorable pooches. Now the dog has a selfie that reminds it of all of the other friends at doggie daycare.

It would probably look something like this. A bunch of dogs organizing a book club to discuss how publishing companies are portraying their kind. Of course, they’ll have to wear shades because they’re simply too cool for school.

If you saw all these dogs staring at you like that, you’d either want to take them home or run home before they take you down and give you wet slobbery kisses.

Just don’t ask them to say cheese before you take the selfie because these dogs are so rebellious that they’ll stick their tongue out instead. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a smile so just take the darn picture.

They look like total besties, or maybe siblings from another mother, but they have one thing in common, and it’s that they’re unbelievably cute!

Everyone seems to have a unique expression. You’ve got the dog on the second row with his pointy ears sticking up. Then there’s the one in the far right looking all grouchy, and then there’s the one who looks like he’s taking the selfie, and he sure looks happy.

Of course, dogs only wear sunglasses for sport, because they know that only the coolest dogs will win the affection of a human. Great look for this selfie! Now who wants to bet that their eyes were closed when the flash went off?

Just don’t expect them to go in the water to go swimming or to take a bath because there was nothing in their contract that told them they had to do that when they signed with their adorable little paw prints.

It must have taken a lot of doggie treats to get this photo to look right. But not all dogs are difficult. Most of them are super chill until they get bored and decide that they’d rather go bury a bone or go chase a cat.

Humans certainly get why the right shot is important. Obviously, it’s the best way to tug at people’s heartstrings. But if you try to get your dog to take a selfie with you, just remember that getting them to pose for you rarely works. So, follow their lead and take a good shot when the time is right.

Eye level always works best when taking a selfie, even if your dogs are all wearing goofy glasses. Oh, and if your pets aren’t cooperating then bribe them with some snacks to get them to do what you want.

Take the photo quickly. Don’t overthink it. Don’t even waste your time trying to fix something that doesn’t seem quite right. Just snap away. You might even want to consider getting your phone or camera to take multiple shots so that you can be sure that at least one photo will come out right.