Bella The Squirrel Returns To The Family Who Saved Her 7 Years Ago.

Bella The Squirrel Returns To The Family Who Saved Her 7 Years Ago. December 14, 2019

Imagine being born out in the wild, and getting attacked by a large winged creature. But you didn’t provoke it. So, why did it attack you? You’re so new to this world, so you know you couldn’t have done anything to upset anyone. This was exactly what must have run through Bella’s young head before she was rescued from certain death by Brantley Harrison and her family back in 2009. Oh, but did we mention that Bella isn’t human? She’s an adorable little squirrel, who was adopted into a family of people, and was so grateful for their TLC, that she still stops by now and then.Brantley Harrison realized that the squirrel had been in the worst owl attack of its young life. Fortunately, the Greenville County, South Carolina family had plenty of space in their hearts to care for the little one.

The baby squirrel was eventually named Bella and she was treated like a member of the family, which meant she got lots of food, and of course, the most important thing ever, hugs, and tons of love from everyone.

The Harrisons had also graciously taken in three other squirrels too, which they named Larry, Curly, and Moe, after “The Three Stooges.” In less than no time, the family of squirrels continue to bond with each other.

The Harrisons had helped her heal with the help of a diet of nuts and fruits. Now it was time to let her run around the forest and reintegrate into the wild. But it wasn’t long before Bella made a surprising return.

According to Bradley, Bella will sit at the front door until someone notices she’s there. If necessary, she’ll jump over the window of the dining room window to see if anyone is home, so they can welcome her back in.

The question is, does the family dog like seeing Bella return? He looks awfully jealous watching the humans playing with that darn squirrel. It seemed like returning to the wild was the last thing Bella wanted.

She would wear on a straw hat and snack on some nuts that the family was more than happy to provide. Who wouldn’t want to keep coming back to the Harrison’s home? It’s like a squirrel’s version of a drive-thru diner.

It’s difficult to turn away a squirrel who has taken a liking to you and is perched on your shoulder like a guardian angel. Besides love, she only wants some attention and a handful of walnuts to keep her belly full.

Apparently, Bella was busy getting busy with a squirrel suitor, who knocked her up. During one of her many visits, she came back with a couple of buns in her oven, which meant she needed the Harrisons’ help once again.

The Harrisons were beyond willing and able to help their adoptive daughter out. Not only did they care for her damaged foot, but they kept her fed, since she was eating for her and the babies growing in her tummy.

Brantley herself was overwhelmed by the experience. After all, her family had restored Bella to good health only a few years earlier. Now they were watching their baby having babies. It was simply amazing.

The squirrel shares the page with her adoptive doggie brother, EL CID, which now has 5,874 followers. But the 8-year-old squirrel also has her babies to look after, as well as four other dogs, and her human family.

This may very well be one of the cutest relationships between human and animal that we’ve ever read about. It’s such an adorable story that it’ll make you wish you had an animal friend like this one too.

It’s not surprising to open the door and find Bella greeting Brantley or her husband so they can spend some quality time with her. She’s become so human that she even drinks from a cup now and then to quench her thirst.

She obviously is cool with kissing another woman, and she loves to sit on laps and eat walnuts. She’s become an invaluable part of the Harrison clan, especially now that Bella has kids of her own, and nothing will ever tear them apart.