Research Backed Reasons Why You Might Be Drinking Water Completely Wrong.

Research Backed Reasons Why You Might Be Drinking Water Completely Wrong. July 5, 2018

Water is the essence of life. Doctors and health practitioners always tell people to drink more water. Depending on body size, humans hold of 60% to 80% of water. Therefore, it is important to keep hydrated throughout the day. This helps our bodies function properly. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding need to up their H2O intake to stay hydrated. Although, it is not just about gulping litres and litres of water to be healthy. There are important methods to drink our water to get the best results. You may want to take the ice out of your drinks from now on. Here are some tips on how you should be drinking your water. You will want to sit down for this one, only if you’re drinking water that is.It’s not enough to drink the eight glasses though, you have to drink in a specific way.

In the long term this harms the walls and affect the digestion process.

It’s easier for your kidneys to function when you are sitting down to drink your glass of water.

Don’t take big gulps of water. Downing your water in one big breath is also not the most effective way. Slow it down.

Standing while drinking can cause nerve tension. Drinking while standing up can also cause indigestion. You might as well take a sit and enjoy your drink.

Trainers often give their runners a hot cup of coffee or tea. This makes the athletes go to the bathroom early in the day. If you are drinking your water too cold it may be affecting how long it takes move waste into the small intestine.

Listen to the cues your body gives you when its thirsty. Drink enough throughout the whole day to feel satisfied.