World’s Coziest Cabin Lets People (Literally) Sleep Under The Stars.

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A small taste of nature, crafted by local artisans.

We travel because we need to experience the world in a more dimensional way. We need the distance and the beauty of the unknown to become more creative and expressive, more mindful of our own existence. Traveling simply makes us great! Sometimes, you don't to enjoy nature's beauty when you visit a new land, as most sleeping accommodations usually entail sleeping between 4 walls and a rooftop. But The Starlight Room located near Cortina, Italy, allows you to experience the marvelous scenery without any boundaries or sense of confinement. A single cabin offers the most incredible views of the Dolomite mountains that'll forever be engraved in the minds of those who are lucky enough to spend the night there.Being outdoors is far more three-dimensional than staying inside of a tiny cabin, made almost entirely of glass. But it'd be far more dangerous and you'd be exposed out in the open.
Giacomo Pompanin

The Starlight Room is located at an altitude of over 6,000 feet.

Since the tiny cabin is located on top of a mountain, access is limited. Getting there is only possible via snowmobile or snowshoe. But the spectacular views and scenery makes up for the hassle.
Giacomo Pompanin

Nature's far more enjoyable when it's everywhere to be found.

Much of the small structure is made out of glass so you can enjoy the beauty surrounding you during the day and night. Imaging snacking in bed while stargazing!
Giacomo Pompanin

The small cabin has everything you need.

From an adjustable bed, to a heater, guests will enjoy a breathtaking getaway complete with a complimentary breakfast and dinner included in the package. As you can imagine, cooking is not an easy task inside such small amenities.
Giacomo Pompanin

A truly magical quest for those who are desperate to get away.

The other way to reach the small cabin is by embarking on a breathtaking quest. The altitude is quite challenging, as it's set at an altitude of 6,742 feet.
Giacomo Pompanin

But this tiny bungalow located in the snowy slopes make for one heck of an adventure.

Italy is unforgettably beautiful and thanks to the designers in charge of creating this magical cabin, it can now be appreciated in a spectacular, adventurous way! The beauty of nature is indeed, everywhere!
Giacomo Pompanin