The Cries Of A Chained Pit Bull Made This Hero Take The Law Into His Own Hands.

The Cries Of A Chained Pit Bull Made This Hero Take The Law Into His Own Hands. February 10, 2019

Freedom is a basic human right. To be able to decide where we live, work, and play are an essence of our existence on this place we call earth. Imagine one day being told you can no longer go as you please, restricting your every move? Naturally, we would fight back, demanding for our liberty. Yet, humanity seems to think it is completely natural to restrain and cage animals. We reason that it is for our safety and their well-being. In reality, it is a belief that these creatures are nothing more than an accessory to entertain and work for us. Good thing, not everyone feels the same way.The canine was neither an orphan nor a street dog but rather a domesticated dog. Therefore, when the neighbours suspected neglect, they informed Steffen who is also the founder of Animal Cruelty Task (ACT) Force in Ohio.

Despite meeting the above criteria, the canine was not at all happy. Technically, there was nothing that could be done for the sad dog. Consequently, Steffen came up with another way of helping the unfortunate canine, reaching out to his owners.

The effects of being tied to a chain all the time was such that even his owners were scared of him. Tank was known to lunge at the children playing in the yard. It made everyone keep their distance from him.

It was obvious, Tank was becoming a liability for the family. Steffen talked to them about it. They were willing to let Tank go and have Steffen find him a new home.

Tank had pent up energy, stress, and anxiety. All this contributed to his aggressive actions.

Steffen then used years of knowledge and expertise as a force-free trainer and freed Tank from his chain. It took him an hour and several hotdogs to get the snarling and scared dog to trust him.

The duo spent the next hour on a long walk where Tank would stop frequently to smell the flowers. “And I was inclined to let him,” Steffen says. Although he already has four rescued pit bulls, two rescued Dobermans, and a house full of foster dogs, Steffen couldn’t ignore Tank.

Tank was sent back to live with owners but off of his chain this time. They took care of him until he was neutered and ready for a foster home. Steffen in the meantime, continued training Tank. A local rescue took over the matter from there and began looking for a forever home for Tank.