Stella The Golden Figured Out How To Get All The Attention.

Stella The Golden Figured Out How To Get All The Attention. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Ask anyone who has ever owned a dog and they’ll tell you that dogs are always craving attention. In fact, they’re insatiable and will demand more from you all the time. Just ask 20-year-old Travis Zander from Missoula, Montana. When it comes to his golden retriever, Stella, “no” just isn’t enough. She’ll go out of her way to catch her owner’s attention and she does it in an adorable way. So Zander decided that he would post photos on social media showing how Stella wastes the day away looking for random objects, which she picks up with her mouth, and then he has to run after her. But does he ever get mad at her? No. This just makes him love her more, and you will too.Stella is still technically a pup and like most children, she acts out when she wants attention.

Desperate to get Zander’s attention, she starts grabbing things and running around the house.

She’ll grab anything she can. Just look at her face! It’s like she’s daring Zander to notice her.

Here, I’ve got your reading glasses for you, and they’re nice and slobbery for you, and full of love.

Come on, Daddy! Play with me! Let’s go aside and throw this thing around in the backyard. Pretty please?

That bone chew toy looks awfully tasty, but darn it! I have a water bottle in my mouth that’s good too. Life is made of impossible decisions!

Stella probably knows if he gets the phone she won’t get attention, so she’s stealing the phone.

It’s why I took the remote control away from you. Now you’ll have to focus solely on me.

She loves to recycle cans by crushing them with her teeth. Now there’s more space in the recycling bin. You’re welcome, human!

You’ll get your ketchup when you appreciate just how awesome I am, and not before then.

Hey! If you’re not going to focus all of your attention on her, she’ll just start tearing everything she sees.

No matter what she fetches, know this; she’s got her owner’s undivided attention because she earned it.

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