13 So-Called Friends Who Shamelessly Stole The Spotlight.

13 So-Called Friends Who Shamelessly Stole The Spotlight. August 27, 2018

Everybody needs a good wingman or wing-woman, and there’s definitely a special place in heaven for those friends who have your back no matter what crazy stuff you get into, making sure you’ve always got a squad by your side for all of life’s fun, exciting, and yes, incriminating moments. After all, what are friends for if not to make sure that you thrive and succeed in this crazy world? That being said, sometimes, your wing-people might just end up stealing your thunder entirely. The pictures below prove that sometimes, when you give your friends an inch, they might take a mile. From photobombs to awkward moments to unexpected showstoppers, these friends take all the attention and no, they’re not sorry. Check out the friends who stole the show in the photos below — after you see #12, you’re going to want to ditch your current squad in favor of these guys.