27 Creative DIY Storage Hacks... #8 Is Perfect For ALL Your Shoes.


Use a hanger and shower curtain hooks to efficiently store your scarves in one place.

You might fancy yourself to be an organized person, but let's face it: For as neat and tidy as we are, things in our home could always run more efficiently. As the saying goes, a tidy home is a tidy mind - being disorganized can really put a damper on your day. Unfortunately, getting to a state of maximum organization is easier said than done. You might plan to fix up your garage on a Saturday afternoon, take one look at all of the junk that's accrued there and go running for the couch. That's why it's important to have some clear and simple organizational solutions, which is exactly what you'll find below. Check them out and start organizing - #26 just might change your life.

From The Desk

You can also use this handy trick to store baseball caps. This is totally genius!

Bamboo skewers make an excellent storage solution for sharp knives on countertops.

Felicia Kramer

If you've got a lot of gardening tools, shovels, and rakes cluttering up your garage, cut up some lengths of PVC pipe. Once you've attached them to the wall, you can organize things in no time.

Ashbee Design

This is a great idea for organizing bathroom toiletries, and it looks a lot better than storing things in their original containers.

The DIY Playbook

If you find yourself doing a lot of gift wrapping, having an organized station like this one is crucial.


Bobby pins have a way of getting all over the house, but with this magnetic strip you'll have them picked up and organized before someone else can step on one.


Lots of heels bringing you down? Try this amazing wall mount idea to keep them up and out of the way.

Attic Mag

If you've got a lot of bracelets and necklaces, this is a great way to organize them. Simply mount a corkboard to the wall, and use pins to hang the necklaces neatly.

Her Campus

Never run out of towels when you mount this wine rack on the wall as towel storage. You could also use this idea for blankets in your living room.


Find new and creative ways to organize your craft supplies with this simple shelving solution.

Pretty Prudent

If you've got a lot of paint cans and spray paints gathering in your garage or work space, this shelving solution is awesome. It's actually piece of mounted gutter. Brilliant!

Anyone Can Decorate

Make a magnetized spice rack to keep your spices out of the way. Plus, you'll have lots of extra room in your cupboards.


If you've got a huge makeup collection, you can use a dish rack to store it and keep it organized.


Use ice cubes inside of drawers to store small items like earrings, buttons, and loose change.

Nick & Caeli

Pop a few magazine holders into your pantry to organize your soup cans.

PB&J Stories

Your garage might be full, but you've still got room on the ceiling. Try this awesome storage idea to make more room on the floor - just make sure you've mounted them securely.

The Family Handyman

Take a cue from your local superstore and keep balls out of the way by stacking them in this shelf made of wood and bungee cords.

100 things 2 do

Use a Lazy Susan to create more organized storage under your bathroom or kitchen sink.

Mini Manor

Ditch the boxes and mount your trash and recycling bags on a roll instead.

Simply Organized

Pill boxes make an excellent way to store small crafting items like beads, rhinestones, and sequins.


Finished with your beer or soda? Upcycle the bottle to store your bracelets and cuffs.


Make your board games into wall art. Keep the pieces behind the frame to find them easily when you're ready to play.

Laptops to Lullabies

Paint an old French door and lean it up against a wall to create a cute and effective storage method in your kitchen.


If your earrings aren't organized, they're hard to find. You can easily make this earring organizer with an old frame and some chicken wire.

Martys Musings

A hanging shoe organizer will successfully hold all of your odds and ends in the pantry.

Pretty Providence

Keep your muffin liners handy by stacking them in a mason jar. Bonus: It looks cute and colorful, too!

Table For Two