Bulgarians Are Bringing Storks Inside Their Homes To Save Them From Freezing.

Bulgarians Are Bringing Storks Inside Their Homes To Save Them From Freezing. April 5, 2020

You’ve probably heard of the legend about storks finding babies in weird places like caves or marshlands. Then they’d place them in a basket or grab them in a blanket and hold them in their beaks while they flew them to a family wanting a child. Well, that’s just a story, but storks are real, and the truth is that they’re like any other animal. They’ve got amazing souls, but they’re also quite vulnerable to the elements. So, when Bulgarians started to open their doors to allow storks to come into their homes, people around the world were puzzled. But there’s a perfect explanation for this interesting action.In the winter, storks migrate to Bulgaria, but the country is freezing during the winter months, which have put the lives of these majestic animals in serious jeopardy. So what did the people of Bulgaria do? They welcomed the storks into their home.

The man from the village of Zaritza, near Dulovo, Bulgaria, found five storks by the road near his village and the temperatures were so chilly that they were practically frozen. “I took them home, lit a stove to warm them and fed them fish,” he said. But he’s not alone.

More than 40 storks faced certain death had it not been for the good-hearted people of Bulgaria who chose to shelter them in barns, garages, and inside their homes. With temperatures as low as negative 3 degrees Celsius, the birds will continue to find comfort among their human allies.

**As if opening their homes to storks wasn’t amazing enough, Bulgarians are also lending a helping hand and removing pieces of ice from the birds’ wings as seen in this video, bringing relief and happiness.**