13 Creepy Haunted Dolls That Are Supposedly Possessed By The Devil.

13 Creepy Haunted Dolls That Are Supposedly Possessed By The Devil. July 31, 2019

Annabelle may be the most famous doll. It’s not because the Raggedy Ann cloth toy is cute or endearing. It’s because it is believed to be possessed by an evil spirit, terrorizing and causing havoc to those close to it. As it turns out, Annabelle is not the only toy who has terrified people.Particularly when it comes to inanimate objects. Nonetheless, throughout history, versions of dolls such as poppets, effigies, and voodoo, have been used in ancient cultures and religions.

Reports suggest Sally was owned by a woman in Japan who was Christian. When she passed away under suspicious circumstances, it is believed her spirit was transferred to her doll. Consequently, the hollow-eyed toy has been known to speak in the middle of the night and even walks to the spot her physical body was buried. Sally lives in a museum in Japan.

Robert Eugene Otto, a painter and author, was gifted this doll by a servant in 1906. The servant woman was from the Bahamas. It is believed she practiced black magic and voodoo.

The real doll was allegedly able to speak back to it’s owner. Robert is now calling home the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida.

This haunted doll comes in the form of a painting titled “The Hands Resist Him.” It is believed the characters in the painting actually move around the canvas. It’s reported that children and adults alike feel sick and terrified at the site of this work. The hands in the back of the boy make people feel it is pulling them in.

Mandy is a doll from the turn of the century. Her original owners had to gift her to a museum after her constant cries in the middle of the night left the household terrified. Mandy is still causing havoc in her new home; walking around and making the museum staff’s lunch go MIA.

It is unknown where Mandy was made or how she obtained her powers. What folks do know is that she makes them feel incredibly uncomfortable to be around her.

Annabelle was not a name given by its owner but rather after a psychic medium found the doll was possessed by a spirit named Annabelle Higgins. A nurse student was gifted the doll, but things got scary and abnormal very quickly.

Things in the room began to move, blood stains were found on the walls, and feelings of asphyxiation were some of the occurrences. The woman contacted demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, for help.

Annabelle sits at The Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. It is locked up in a glass case.

Pupa was built to look like the little girl who owned her, even matching their clothes. Family members said that in photos it was hard to distinguish between the toy and the little girl. The little Italian girl even claimed Pupa spoke to her.

Pupa is known to move around its case and even sounds of tapping on the glass have been heard. They have also found Pupa’s arms and legs resting on the glass as if trying to push her way out.

Sherrie Khun, a researcher on the paranormal, owned Mercy. Khun claims Mercy is possessed by the spirit of a seven-year-old girl. She admits she purchased the doll from an internet site known for selling paranormal products. Mercy is known for turning on the radio and standing in the middle of he hallway.

Okiku is a 40 centimetre doll from Japan. Eikichi Suzuki bought the doll for her sister in 1918. The little girl loved the kimono and bob hair toy so much she named it after herself.

Nonetheless, the family felt their daughter’s spirit lived in the doll. Okiku still remains intact except that her hair continues to grow almost 100 years after it was first purchased.

King Umberto I, the King of Italy, gifted this doll to Ulvado Berlina’s daughter, Marie. Berlina was the king’s captain of the Royal Guard. The doll, Emilia, who is over 100 years old now, still has its head and torso attached. It is believed the spirit of the woman trying to save Marie during an explosion during the war lives in the doll. The doll reportedly opens and closes her eyes and crying for its mother.

There are various websites selling dolls that sellers claim are haunted. In fact, there is a community of owners who trade the dolls. In fact, you can find many of them on YouTube showing and explaining what their toy is capable of doing.

He was bought for $700 but the winner of the bid didn’t end up paying for the item. It was then sold for $300. Harold has reportedly passed through various owners ever since. Allegedly, every owner has died tragically, hence, it continues to be sold.

Christina looks like a normal doll but she isn’t. Christina supposedly has a ghost living inside her. She has been known to change the position of her eyes, particularly in photos.

If anyone brushes Christina’s hair, the next day it will appear disheveled. It is also known to change the position it is left in.

She dates as far back as 1730 from a Russian nobility family. It is said a woman gave birth to a baby girl who was born with a severe illness. Her family burned the infant alive.

Consequently, the doll has been passed down from generation to generation. Those who look at it for more than 20 seconds report the doll blinks at you. It was originally posted to sell online but for some reasons, the sale was deemed prohibited.