25 Funny Animals Caught Red-Handed In Embarrassing Positions.

25 Funny Animals Caught Red-Handed In Embarrassing Positions. July 26, 2018

Animals are curious creatures. We don’t know what goes through their minds. We can only guess judging from their facial expressions and actions. But even their actions sometimes can be very confusing to a human. Have you ever caught your pet or any animal in a strange position where you thought to yourself “how did they get themselves into that position?” Because we have, many of them. And we can’t help but to chuckle at some of them because as confused as we are, their positions are quite funny for anyone to be in. Here’s some awkward and strange positions of some friendly critters.But don’t want to admit it.

And you can tell from his face that he is very well aware.

I wonder what his mission was, he’s obviously very highly trained.

This must be her swimming position.

But the real question is, how did he get there?

It drains the energy out of you, you know?

Breathe in the good, release the bad.

But all cuteness aside, how the hell did the cat get in there?!

Maybe he’s doing aerobics in his dreams.

Am I the only one who sees it?!

Always so clumsy in such tangled positions.

But maybe they’re both comfy, who knows.

“This is stupid.”

Be warned, little guys can be bullies too.

From the look of his face, it doesn’t seem like he was expecting to see us either.

“You’re head macho.”

Time to get new window blinds.

I give this a 10! Bravo!

The pug or the corgi. They both look awkwardly placed.

Sorry, you can try again in a couple of hours though.

“But first, could you help me out of this mess?”

He’s stronger than you think.

They do a warm up and cool down session every day.

This is how you get its most comfort.

Nobody will bother you there.