23 Cringeworthy Headlines And Ad Placements That Probably Got Someone Fired.

23 Cringeworthy Headlines And Ad Placements That Probably Got Someone Fired. May 21, 2021

News happens all the time. But every now and then, the publishing gods gift us with some of the most ridiculous headlines we’ve ever seen. And when the news hits the stands, you find yourself doing a double take after seeing the most unfortunate layouts in the history of publishing. Seriously, you’ll be asking yourself if the editor drank too much, mixed his medications, or simply had an inexperienced temp cover for him. Fortunately, most of these layouts are so silly they’ll have you laughing your head off. So here are a few messed up publishing layouts you never ever imagined would get printed.If you have hands, you can do quite a bit with them. We get that. But they probably shouldn’t have used a happy couple in the background for this bowling ad that left people facepalming themselves at the audacity.

See? This is why it’s so important to punctuate. Take a look at the phrasing under the word Love. It suggests that Rachael Ray is inspired by cooking her family and her dog. We hope she never invites us to dinner.

Actually, they were ecstatic! So, they threw him a farewell party and shouted good riddance as he was carried away like… well, definitely not a hero. Actually, the photo above the headline is totally unrelated, but the layout is so hilarious!

It was probably just some random coincidence or maybe the kid really was waving goodbye to his dad as he jumped off the ferry. We know we shouldn’t, but we laughed out loud. Admit it! You did too.

People in the United Kingdom were probably scratching their heads wondering if this headline was actually referring to Prince William. We’ll bet the editor of the paper had a lot of explaining to do.

Judging from this headline, it’s easy to see why no one came to. Maybe the person doing the layout thought it would be oh so funny to put the band’s announcement under this chilling headline.

She may have the body of a supermodel, but all anyone’s focusing on is what the font reflections say in the water. But if we’re being honest, the more offensive the headline, the more attention it’ll grab.

Maybe they should have taken a step back and read the headline out loud a couple of times before publishing it. Only then would they have realized why job titles should never be abbreviated.

Since her head is covering the first e in “Where,” it comes off like she’s advertising for something else. We’re sure she’s gotten tons of proposal after this issue came out and they weren’t for marriage.

Alright, so maybe that abominable snowman might have been capable of a violent crime or two. But Winnie the Pooh? Really? Come on! There’s no way he’d go bad. He’s too adorable and such a softy.

Relax! We’re scratching our heads too. Not only do we not see the big picture, but we don’t see any picture. It looks like it slipped Russian Metro’s mind to actually place any photos in their articles. Really guys? How many people saw this before it went to print?

They must have hired a writer who only writes for online sites to write this printed copy. That being said, we’re sure there were probably a couple of fools who pressed “Click here” with their fingers just to see if anything would happen.

This was an honest mistake, obviously. It wasn’t even about a bad layout. It was more about how the newsstand stacked the papers. We’d give them a few pointers on what to do next time but it looks they have plenty of tips already. Get it?

Whoever came up with the layout for this parenting magazine must have had a slow moment. On the plus side, this probably became Parents magazine’s most popular issue in its history.

Oh, come on! It’s funny and everyone with an IQ higher than 70 can see that the articles are unrelated. It was obviously just bad timing. We seriously doubt anyone would have intended this to be some sort of bad joke.

We’re well aware that getting rid of excess fluids can lead to weight loss, but this is just nasty! It’s a pretty lame health ad that makes it seem as if the model in the photo is having a colonoscopy prep.

Talk about experiencing some serious Titanic vibes! Or maybe people were having flashbacks of the Costa Concordia on its side. Either way, a road trip is starting to sound a lot better after this layout fail.

The way this unfortunate headline reads would suggest that bishops are doing a lot more than simply breaking the rules. This just goes to show that they need to hire people to do a better job.

This one is epically bad. We hope someone got in trouble for putting these two ads together. It’s just too insensitive even though one’s about cancer and the other one is about correcting hair color mistakes.

This is some serious unfortunate ad placement. Don’t they check these things before publishing the newspaper? There’s nothing laughable about this. This one’s just seriously one of the saddest on this list.

Didn’t they realize they created an acrostic of one of the most offensive words in the English language? Although these four senior staff members are leaving, we’re sure the person who put this together will be joining them soon.

She totally squeezed that bottle until it popped out, but it looks like getting the hospital’s ethics committee to approve her request won’t go down as easily as warm champagne. We’re sure this was intentional.

Whoever did this layout was an unintentional genius! The headline is hilarious, but it probably made a few people actually gasp when they read it. Then they headed to the nearest Walgreens to buy some extra protection before the stores ran out.