Street Photos Taken At The Absolute Perfect Time.

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A bird flying by at the perfect time. Even the tear looks like a bird in the continuation.

A lot of the time, catching the most perfect photos happen from being at the right place at the right time. Sometimes, it all depends on luck and how quick a photographer can click his camera's button. If the photographer isn't fast enough, he or she can miss their moment in the blink of an eye.
And once special moments like these pass, they cannot be repeated. Take a look at the photos we've compiled below to further understand what we mean by perfect timing. These are photos that can't be recreated and are special because of that.

The end of the rainbow leading you to a pot of gold.

However, not quite the treasure we've been promised.

An individual's cane combined with a the road's yellow lines to create an arrow.

Pau Buscató

A security guard who has become the chosen one with wings.

Chu Việt Hà

Santa Claus cross dressing again with his red heels.

He's full of surprises, that one.
Pau Buscató

A rebellious bird breaking the rules of society to do what he wants.


A cat taking its rightful place next to the two other golden lion statues.


A small furry white dog with the head of an animated brown cow.


A girl holding a string that looks like it belongs to the balloons on the wall.

Hirokazu Toda

A ray of blue light coming out of a man's camera while he tries to take a photo.

Jonathan Higbee

A mannequin head perfectly peaking out of a trashcan that could be mistaken for a real head at first glance.

A man in the station waiting for his transportation who just so happens to have cat ears.

Pau Buscató

An elderly man walking by caught on camera as a standstill butterfly.

David Taggart

A hybrid creature of a big bird with skinny human legs.

Steve Black

A group of men having a meeting inside a parked black van on the street.

matt stuart

A crosswalk's pattern being continued on this woman's scarf.

Pau Buscató

A woman holding her baby who has a Minnie Mouse balloon for a head.

Liu Tao

Two severed headless bodies with one of its missing heads at its feet.

Matt Stuart

A pair of individuals looking like martians as they sit perfectly in front of a pole.

Pau Buscató

A beautiful blue peacock with a rather boxy body. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

matt stuart

A man with a wheel dreaming big as he directs his focus on a ginormous wheel.

matt stuart