Struggles With Rainy Season We All Hate

Struggles With Rainy Season We All Hate March 31, 2023Leave a comment

People eagerly await the rainy season because, let’s admit it, rain is the finest way to escape the scorching heat of the summer. But even for rainy season admirers, the veneer of the monsoon soon wears off, and all that remains is the sticky muck, the traffic, the humidity, and your soaked clothes. This season is all about attempting to keep the interior and exterior of our home in good shape, from mildew and fungus to roof leaks and moist walls.

It’s a bright, sunny day when you leave the house. But as you get closer to your location, you notice the rise of heavy rain clouds, and you realize you should’ve brought your umbrella today. The shower comes all of sudden and if you are not prepared for it you day is about to very bad. But even with umbrella things don’t really be great. It keeps at least 20% of your body dry, mostly your head. When there is wind, rain falls horizontally; when there is torrent, it falls everywhere. Plus, the quick gust will cause your umbrella to turn inside out.

White is unquestionably one of the coolest colors to wear in the summer. However, wearing white during the monsoon season is one of the biggest blunders ever. When white materials come into touch with water, they tend to become sheer, and there’s also the chance of mud splatters. You’re better off storing all of your whites in one corner of your cupboard and ignoring them for the rest of the season.

Yes, the pre-rain humidity can mess with your hair, but once the rainstorms arrive, you’ll forget what it’s like to have dry, bodacious locks. Your hair will be limp and will occasionally smell (because of the rain), and you will forget what it used to look like. Not to mention the inordinate amount of time it will take to dry after a shower, only to become wet again in the next bout of rain.

One of the most difficult things we face during this season is finding rain-proof shoes that are both comfortable, affordable, and fashionable. Canvas, leather, suede? Nothing but rubber boots works.  Let’s not even get started on wet socks because it’s the worst feeling ever. And the smell is absolutely revolting. It stinks up the room in seconds making us run for our lives.

The connection between rain and mold is straightforward: mold spores adhere to moist surfaces. Mold and mildew are two of the most damaging fungi that may invade your home, and they both thrive in moist environments. Black mold can spread and take over areas of your home such as bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces if not handled right. If left untreated, it can lead to a slew of health issues for you and your family.

Leaks are another headache that comes with the rainy season. Random leaks start from roofs, walls, and floors. Basements are particularly susceptible to seepage and leaks during the rainy season, which makes sense. They are under tremendous strain, including a shocking amount of water pressure from groundwater.

Driving in the rain, whether it’s a little drizzle or a severe downpour, is one of the most difficult situations a driver may face. Rainy weather is linked to an increase in the number of accidents. Driving in the rain is always stressful, no matter where you are in the world. The rain on the road acts as a lubricant, reducing friction. Tires can’t gain traction so they slide when trying to stop or corner quickly.

Due to the near-constant rain and wind throughout the rainy season, power disruptions are more common than usual. Damage might range from blown fuses to destroyed electrical cables. Power restoration could take hours or even days. You might want to invest in batteries and power banks to prevent power interruptions from affecting your job.

What’s worse than sitting in a cab, car, bus, or train seat that soaks your jeans all the way down to your bottoms, leaving you with a humiliating patch that takes hours to dry? Nothing. It doesn’t get any worse than that. Add in a crowd on weekdays. Several drenched people and their umbrellas and coats are clinging to you. We will stop here.

While the rainy season chill may be a pleasant relief from the summer heat, it is not always the case for our washing. Clothes take longer to dry if the sun isn’t shining. Not to mention the fact that you must hang them indoors to keep them dry during a rainstorm. So, drying takes days, and their odor isn’t particularly pleasant.

High humidity levels can quickly lead to illnesses and germ spread. During the rainy season, the senior population is especially vulnerable to health problems. Illnesses, respiratory diseases, influenza, dry cough, cold, flu, viral infections, conjunctivitis, digestive difficulties, ulcers, low temperature, and exhaustion – be aware of crucial signs and get medical attention if you are concerned. In the event of a medical emergency, it is best to maintain your family doctor’s phone number handy.

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