Orphan Kitten Trapped In A Deadly Spot Was Adopted By An Unusual Foster Mom.

Orphan Kitten Trapped In A Deadly Spot Was Adopted By An Unusual Foster Mom. February 1, 2019

Cats are wonderful, albeit unpredictable creatures. They can be angelic and cute one minute, and naughty and moody the next. This adds to their adorable factor. Their favourite pastime is getting into impossibly tight or high places and getting stuck there. They have no problem getting there, but are too terrified to come down.Zinniker and his co-workers tried to free the feline but were unable to do so, and had to call in the Humane Society of Oregon. As soon as they got the call, Karen Burn and two of her colleagues loaded up all that they would need into a car and arrived at the scene. They were expecting to find the kitten stuck in the vent of an RV, and were shocked when they discovered that she was stuck in a tiny hole under an enormous building air conditioner.

The kitten had been stuck for so long, that she was acting feral and refused to let her rescuers touch her or handle her enough to free her. She was also getting stressed by all the pulling and pushing. She started to get more and more agitated. There was no option left, but to relax her with a tranquilizer.

Once her head was free, the rescuers had to figure out a way to get her out of the entire HVAC unit, as the only hole large enough to get her out was four feet away, on the other side of the unit. They painstakingly passed a rope attached to a putter through that hole and managed to tie the rope around the kitten. They pulled her towards the other hole but it was not much bigger than the hole in which the kitten’s head was stuck in. It was a tense moment when they finally wriggled her entire body free.

On the drive back to the shelter, the kitten was appropriately named Lennox after the air conditioner unit under which she was stuck. She was thoroughly checked for any serious injuries but surprisingly, she only suffered some minor scratches.

She quickly learned to trust people and was put in a foster home where she fell in love with her foster mom, a three legged dog called Maty. She started playing around like a normal kitten and loves falling asleep in human arms. Once old enough, she was put up for adoption.