Student Slams $10,000 Half Court Shot, How She Spends The Money… Oh Yeah!

Student Slams $10,000 Half Court Shot, How She Spends The Money… Oh Yeah! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Lots of people dream of what they would do if they sank a half court shot at a basketball game for a lot of money. It’s an event that takes place all the time at basketball games across the country. It usually happens at halftime or during a stoppage of play. But it’s only the rare occasion that the shot is ever made. Sponsors for the events feel pretty safe in putting up their cash or vehicles as a prize because most of the time they go unclaimed. But when Kansas University student Jordan Stiers got involved, she made sure that her chances were good. After all, there was $10,000 on the line. But she didn’t have to make the shot herself. She was allowed to choose anyone in the building that wasn’t a player. She picked out Kansas University’s Director of Basketball Operations, Brennan Bechard, and he didn’t disappoint. Bechard took a warm up shot but missed and things looked dim. But when it counted he launched a perfect shot that got nothing but net. The crowd went crazy and Bechard was mobbed in celebration by a crowd of friends while Stiers just stood there in shock.Stiers stood at the center of the court and realized just how far the shot had to travel.

When the ball went through the hoop the crowd went crazy!

A few minutes after Bechard made the winning shot he shared a moment with Stiers.

You can see the excitement on Jordan’s face as she watches her check for $10,000 being made out to her.

Once it was signed and handed over, Stiers said that she would be giving the check to her grandmother.

All of the local media wanted to talk to Jordan and ask why she was giving the check to her grandma.

She said that her grandmother was everything to her for her entire life. Not only was she a grandmother but a mother and father to Jordan as well.

It’s one of those times in life that someone did the right thing for someone else. Way to go Jordan!

Bechard nailed the shot and made it look easy!

That moment when you win $10,000 from Coach Self.#KUlatenight pic.twitter.com/iRf6KARbqL — University of Kansas (@KUnews) October 2, 2016

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