2nd Grade Teacher Surprised At What She Found In Student’s Backpack.

2nd Grade Teacher Surprised At What She Found In Student’s Backpack. October 10, 2020

Mrs. Nabors didn’t usually check students bags, but she knew it was part of her duty, so she proceeded to search every student’s backpack, and bookbag. As she predicted, she found the usual school supplies: pencils, books, a few snacks here and there. She didn’t find anything out of the ordinary…until one curious little girl started getting skittish.

Bag checks have become part of the daily routine for many schools. The guards have found everything from harmless objects like a smartphone or a fidget spinner to potentially hazardous objects that could hurt someone either on the inside or the outside. Sadly, everyone, from the teachers to the student body must be on high alert. But do young elementary kids get a pass?

Sadly, even elementary school students are getting the same treatment as older students, as the law states anyone is capable of committing a crime, and in a way, you can never be too careful. Many parents are worried that this could negatively impact their kids, asking themselves, “Will this accusation cause my kids to lose their innocence?”

Lawmakers and security guards can’t be concerned over the innocence of children, as they know things are escalating and keeping close tabs on kids is necessary. Many kids bring banned items to class, even if they don’t plan on harming other students. But the reality is that these banned objects can easily cause an accident or an allergy attack.

For Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson County, Georgia, keeping students safe is the number one priority. This means teachers have to check every student’s backpack, right after morning announcements. Still, Mrs. Nabors wasn’t expecting to find anything other than a video game or school supplies. But today would quickly become “one of those days” for Mrs. Nabors.

Second-grade teacher, Mrs. Bobbie Nabor, absolutely felt that kids could be trusted on what they can and cannot bring to school that day. She doesn’t usually check their bags for extra safety, but that’s mainly due to the fact that she trusts them entirely. Plus, the kids don’t do it either, but that day, she noticed something strange going on.

Kids were really excited about an upcoming book fair that promised to be all kinds of fun. And everyone was on board, no matter the age, as book fair events are super exciting and fun for everyone at school. This was one of the many reasons why Mrs. Nabors got distracted and didn’t get to check the children’s bags.

Second-graders can get easily distracted, and that morning, Mrs. Nabors had to work extra hard to get them to focus, so they ended up spending a lot of time on their daily routine. She’d almost forgotten about checking their bags. After all, they were just kids! What could they be trying to contraband other than a Nintendo PSP?

The whole situation was definitely off. The little girl was getting agitated as the teacher made her way towards the bag. Then suddenly, she noticed the bag was moving. As far as the teacher knew, bags shouldn’t move whatsoever. She had no clue what the little girl could be hiding inside, so she reached down and opened it.

As Mrs. Nabors opened the little girl’s backpack, she was greeted by a pair of tiny eyes. She was dumbfounded! There was a small brown puppy hiding inside, which could have put the other children suffering with pet allergies at risk. But Mrs. Nabors wasn’t planning on punishing the girl. She had something else in mind.

Mrs. Nabors wasn’t about to punish a little girl who barely understood the consequences of bringing a puppy to school. So she passed around the puppy and allowed each student to pet him and hold him. The second he came out of that bag, he was an instant hit with the class. But still, one question remained unanswered.

Mrs. Nabors was still concerned about the puppy. Where did he come from? So she asked the little girl, (who remains anonymous for obvious reasons) where she had found the puppy. The child gave her a pretty typical kiddie answer, “My mom must’ve put him in there.” Having a puppy in class was all kinds of fun, but all good things must come to an end.

Even though he behaved like a Prince, and the entire class loved him, there was simply no way he could stay there forever. It was time for Jake the puppy to go back home. Mrs. Nabors phoned the girl’s mother and asked her to pick him up and take the puppy back, so he could drink and eat his food. But before saying goodbye to him, she made a decision.

Luckily for Jake, the book fair that got everyone excited still needed a mascot, and since the puppy was already a major hit with the class, Mrs. Nabors decided he’d be the perfect mascot. “Paws for a Good Book” became the official slogan, which added some extra flair. Jake made the book fair extra adorable. But what else did he had to offer at school?

Jake wasn’t the only pup at school, as there was a student who attended classes with a service dog named Dottie. Still, Jake wouldn’t really mind sharing the spotlight with Dottie. It’s pretty safe to assume that he’d even go as far as to say, “Paws off, Dottie! I’m Top Dog around here!”