Student’s Friends Believed She Was Traveling The World, But She Fooled Them All.

Student’s Friends Believed She Was Traveling The World, But She Fooled Them All. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

In this day in age, traveling is becoming more and more popular among younger people. In the past, a person was lucky if they ever left their hometown, but today, it’s not uncommon to hear about your friends backpacking through Europe, or heading to a music festival in South America. This isn’t your typical story about traveling though. This story is about a woman who wanted to prove a point. Keep reading to discover her incredible tale that started, and ended, with a fake picture.Zilla was only 16 years old when she developed a deep love for modeling, and the astounding techniques photographers used to edit her photos. As she grew older, it was this passion that paved the way for her career choices.

As she entered school, Zilla took a graphic design course at the Art Academy of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Zilla enjoyed her classes, but there was another passion of hers that was screaming her name.

So she informed her family that she was planning to go on a 5-week traveling expedition in Southeast Asia. Zilla prepared everything that she needed, and said goodbye to her family at the airport in Amsterdam.

She was spending her time in places such as Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia, and she became the envy of all of her friends. Zilla was doing something that most people only dreamed of doing, and the pictures were proof of the amazing time she was having.

Of course she had to show off the delicious foods that she was enjoying on her travels. After all, it wouldn’t be a vacation if she wasn’t trying all of the local delicacies.

She was snorkeling with the fishes in Phuket, an island off the coast of Thailand. Even though her friends were happy for her and wanted her to go on all of these wild escapades, they still made sure to warn her about swimming with dangerous fish.

She shared photos of the temples and statues in Thailand. She even shared a picture of herself posing with a Buddhist monk. Just by looking at her photos, it was obvious that Zilla was having the time of her life.

She may have had all of these stunning photos of her travels, but they were all a lie. Every single picture that she posted was a part of her ultimate betrayal. A betrayal that would take the world by surprise.

Zilla wasn’t snorkeling off the coast of Thailand, and she wasn’t trying foreign delicacies. In fact, she never even left Amsterdam. So where was she for five whole weeks?

As her family said goodbye to her at the airport, Zilla turned right back around and went home. The entire time she was “traveling,” she was actually hiding out in her house, concocting the whole thing from behind a computer screen.

Zilla spent months preparing the hoax. She spent hours upon hours photoshopping herself into pictures of foreign places.

In fact, the only real part of the whole thing was her photo she took with the Buddhist monk. Even though it’s a real photo, she didn’t travel anywhere for it. Zilla just went to a local Buddhist temple in her town and took the photo there. But the main question still stands, why did she make all of it up? What was the point of such deceit?

Zilla photoshopped herself in all of these photos, and created such an elaborate lie, only to prove a point. She wanted to show how easy it was for people to portray an entirely different image of themselves through social media.

“My goal was to prove how common and easy it is for people to distort reality. Everyone knows that pictures of models are manipulated, but we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality also in our own lives,” she continued. It’s obvious that she definitely pulled it off, even going so far as to cooking Asian cuisine in her home just so she could share the photos.

Zilla explains that if given the chance to do it again, she wouldn’t do it because of all of the people who were hurt because of it. They can’t feel too bad about being fooled, though. It certainly goes without saying that she had us all fooled!

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