14 Fashionable Dogs Who Have More Style Than Your Boyfriend.

14 Fashionable Dogs Who Have More Style Than Your Boyfriend. June 8, 2018

Dogs today have created a whole new world on social media. No longer are humans the only ones who have a following, but dogs as well. They run their own social media accounts and post photos of their daily lives. Man, what other greater time to be alive than a time you can follow your favorite Dachshund or Corgi on Instagram? The best part? They dress like humans. In fact, some of them dress BETTER than humans, as crazy as that sounds. Some of these lovely canine friends have some major style and they don’t hesitate to show it off. If you don’t believe us, check out some of the most fashionable dogs currently on the Internet down below. They each have their own style, each carrying themselves a different way. Grab a notebook, you might learn a thing or two about fashion from these guys.She’s a fabulous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy-mill rescue. She has charmed everyone with her floppy tongue (as a result of having no teeth). She’s so top list that she gets front-row treatment at Fashion Week.

->She also was on Good Morning America, no big deal.<-

He’s a hip Brussels Griffon. He’s probably the most hipster dog out there. You’ll always catch him in his plastic-rimmed glasses and thrifted clothes.

Isn’t he the cutest with that beard?

He’s one of the cutest Pomeranians you’ll ever meet. He’s a fluffy pup that is fashion-obsessed. He spends most of his time modeling and photoshopping himself into Parisian photos.

She makes me miss the cold weather right about now.

He’s a spunky French Bulldog. He’s a city dog, living in Seattle. He’s a sharp dresser, always dressing to impress while he walks down the streets of the city.

->Oh, and he posted a tribute to Prince. How much cooler can this dog get?<-

She’s an adorable Havanese. With such a great set of hair, you’ll always see her rocking cute hair styles and accessories. She’s the shop manager of DOG & CO, an online store that sells dog clothes and accessories.

->She’s definitely living a lifestyle I want to live in. <-

He’s a chunky and sassy French Bulldog. Being the perfectionist he is, he likes to upkeep the consistency of his Instagram by always snapshotting his ootd’s (outfits of the day) against the same hardwood floor and white wall. He loves to accessorize, anywhere from fancy hats to fun wigs to fabulous sunglasses.

Looking pretty dapper there, Trotter.

He’s a cool Dachshund. He’s long haired so he naturally carries the image of one of those laid-back skater dudes. He’s the type of dog that doesn’t put too much thought into his outfits but always winds up looking in style.

Just look at those glasses and those jeans!

He’s a lovable Pomeranian that you’ll want to put in your pocket. He’s so unbelievably cute that he almost looks unreal. His main go-to’s are vintage baseball tees, hoodies, and oversized dog chains.

->How is he real and not a teddy bear?! <-

He’s a super suave Toy Aussie. Who said small dogs can’t look handsome? This bad boy melts hearts with his vibrant blue eyes and fashionable outfits.

*Drops the mic and walks off stage.

He’s an adopted charming Shih-Tzu that’ll charm your socks off. Living in New York City, his fashion sense is inspired by the oldies. Rocking bowties, suspenders, and fedora hats — you can say he has a bit of an old soul.

->He makes me swoon over and over again. <-

That face!

She’s a fierce Yorkie that loves to go with the flow. You can catch this little ball of sunshine enjoying the beach in her crop top or cruising town in her leather jacket.

->She’s the type of girl you just WANT to be your friend. <-

Too cool for this place.

He’s a hunky Bull Terrier. He’s one of the most prized dogs in the fashion industry as he is owned by a famous fashion designer (Marc Jacobs). He has obviously followed his dad’s lead.

->Looks like he’s lending his dad a helping hand. <-

He’s a dapper Shiba Inu that has more style than most humans. If there were a GQ magazine for dogs, he would be on the cover of each issue. In fact, he is the unofficial mascot of GQ. His style ranges from street wear to high-end.

And he winks too.

He’s a rad and groovy Aussiedoodle. He has awesome grown out hair that has contributed to his hippie lifestyle. He’s probably one of the most chill dogs you’ll ever encounter.

->Like mother, like son.<-