25 Pics That Prove Riding The Subway Is Never Boring.

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It’s too bad Tony Stark met his end in the latest Avengers movie or we’d swear we were looking at him.

When you step into the subway, it's like walking into the Twilight Zone. You never know what to expect, but you can be sure you'll run into something truly bizarre. The subway always seems to attract the weird and the unexplained, which often makes the commute to and from work or school a lot more interesting. So, in places like New York, Shanghai, Beijing, London, and Buenos Aires, it's not uncommon to run into the most unusual characters. So, here's a list of the most awkward things people have encountered on the subway.Actually, if the character hadn’t sacrificed himself, Robert Downey Jr., could have used this guy as a stand-in. He’s like Stark’s doppelganger and probably gets asked to take selfies with people a lot.
ericchavez13 / Instagram

This guy on the subway is toting his beloved pooch on his customized backpack and it's so cute.

The dog looks almost human with his arm on the man's shoulder as he adjusts one of his shoes. If the animal could talk it would probably be asking, “Whatchu doin’?” Stumbling into something like this is something that will put a smile on your face for the rest of your day.
carlfreis / Instagram

It used to be the whenever people looked at a punk, they would run the other way.

But this guy proved that punks are really chill and sweet creatures as this lady learned when he helped her carry a heavy box in Berlin. And if he didn't have that beer bottle in his other hand, he could have helped her with the other box, too.
hdsjulian / Reddit

We don't know how that man can be so happy when his shirt is matching with the subway seat.

It's like his torso is wearing camouflage. Most people have accepted that subway seats have ugly patterns. But why in the world would anyone purchase a shirt that looks like a public transportation seat?
omafist / Reddit

Someone took the underground subway in Seoul and was shocked to stumble into a train that was turned into a grocery store.

Wait, did the Redditor who took this pic stumble into an underground traveling meat market? Because this might actually be pretty convenient.
The_Day_Man / Reddit

Global temperatures continue to rise, but some people are not about to break a sweat over it.

Well, this might be a sight for sore eyes for some people. But we can't help but think shoving a pad under your armpits is seriously genius, especially during those hot summer days.
noeloquence / Instagram

It looks like these two are having an eventful life cosplaying as Chucky and his bride Tiffany.

You run into all sorts of interesting characters on the subway but rarely do you meet two possessed dolls who are probably out to get you. These two look even creepier than the movie versions of the characters.
CopyX / Reddit

The awesome thing about subways is that if you look close enough you might run into your twin.

This guy didn't meet another person physically, but he did notice he had a doppelganger in this world and it was on this poster on the subway station. Or maybe it literally is this guy and someone used his face for this ad.
kappi8 / Reddit

It looks like a bunch of drunk German frat boys, but they're just guys heading home from Oktoberfest.

They must have had a really good time and are severely inebriated because most people in their right mind would think twice before leaning too close to the subway walls or laying on those dirty floors.
cxrry / Reddit

The Subway is like a box of chocolates, or in this case, a box of pizza with an apology inside.

You never know what you'll find while you’re standing and waiting for your next stop. You might run into a guy who's writing “I’m Sorry” on the inside of a pizza box. Hopefully, he gets a chance to redeem himself.
vibesofpaul / Instagram

Sometimes it’s all about sitting in the right place at the right time to take the perfect snap.

The subway stopped at a precise spot so that it looked like the top hat on the wall was actually on the passenger with the striped shirt’s head. But the guy next to him has caught the guy taking the picture.
yumpop278 / Reddit

Someone stumbled into a guy selling plants on the subway, which isn't all that weird. But the way he went about it was.

The man shared a few words of wisdom with his unsuspecting subway audience. According to the Redditor who snapped this pic, he kept saying things like "I don’t sell weed, I just sell tropical plants". Well, that's kind of cute, actually!
zeaky888 / Reddit

Subways are full of notorious people, and this particular one has been hit by the Balloon Bandit.

This guy is very prolific. He makes balloon animals, ties them up on the subway rails, and then goes back to his own business. His fellow riders don't seem to care but it's a cool way to brighten people's commute.
richman241 / Reddit

This lady and her dog waiting for a subway in New York bring a new meaning to the term doggy bag.

It's odd seeing how happy the dog looks. It's like he doesn't even mind that his body is covered in a blue Ikea bag like he's some sort of store purchase. Hopefully, he doesn't turn into a hot dog inside that thing.
LucasLarson / Reddit

You have to give this guy credit for keeping up with the latest earbud technology around.

It might look like someone has cut off this guy's headphone wires, but they're actually wireless earbuds. And to make sure that no one snatches them, he's put tape around his ear and the buds. Smart!
neufheures.etdemi / Instagram

This guy has proven that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actually do have human form.

How many people do you know that own a turtle shell backpack? Plus, those S’mores socks totally solidify his coolness factor along with those low tops and rolled up skinny jeans. He's the definition of fresh.
HarryTOMalley / Reddit

This sign on the London subway station reminds people of the two second rule.

You need to be careful and avoid staring at someone for more than two seconds or some stranger will assume you're creepy or a threat. But if you do it by accident, look away before people think you’re a schizo.
lucas_glanville / Reddit

You can't blame the woman next to this knight for giving him that “is anyone else seeing this” look.

It's not like you see a medieval knight on the subway every day. But it's kind of sad that people don't like seeing other people having fun. Maybe this lady was just having a bad knight. See what we did there?
Scaulbylausis / Reddit

It looks like the Mystery Machine got towed away so Scooby Doo had to learn to use the subway.

You have to love how everyone across from the dog is doing their best to act as if there isn't a giant-sized pooch sitting there like it thinks it's human. Subways could really use more dogs like this one.
liamrichards / Reddit

Oh sure, so everyone's busy looking at that creepy demonic nun riding on the subway.

But it's all part of the master plan. While everyone is distracted by her, the real threat will come from the guy on the lower right-hand corner who looks like he's undergoing some kind of demonic possession.
morgannelamorte / Instagram

What are the odds of running into three dudes wearing the same checkered pattern shirt?

Either this is a very popular style with dudes who like riding the subway, or the shirt was on sale. We can't help but wonder if they even noticed they were sitting next to their very own shirt doppelgangers.
misscing / Instagram

This guy will blow your mind much like the wind from the grates are blowing through his clothing.

This is one dude who got totally creative when he couldn't find a place with A/C to cool off in. It's a pretty nifty idea actually. We also dig his confidence. Clearly, he doesn't care who might be watching!
Noerdy / Reddit

This sleepy pup is totally adorbs riding in a bag on the subway that's heading downtown.

Most commuters can only dream of being this happy on their daily commute. Everyone else might be stressed and dreading their day at work, but this pooch is happier than anyone else riding with him.
brandonfloss / Reddit

It’s either Mark Twain or Albert Einstein, but either way, this guy is giving us a time-traveling vibe.

He was snapped on a subway in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he really does look a lot like the famous physicist who came up with E=MC2. Maybe Einstein used a time machine to come back and save the world.
Nhoty / Reddit

This is what the invisible man would look like if he were to forget to wear socks.

Excuse me, sir, but where the heck did your ankles go? This insane optical illusion is totally tripping us out. We know this man just happened to wear socks that matched the subway floor, but we can't stop staring, nonetheless.