‘Succulent Nails’ That Will (Literally) Grow On You.

‘Succulent Nails’ That Will (Literally) Grow On You. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When you think about something growing on your nails other than your nails, you immediately start to panic. But in this case it’s a good thing because it’s not some kind of gross warty growth. As you know, flowers and plants have an amazing way of brightening a home, a hospital, a backyard and shopping centers. So why not let them brighten up your hands too? That’s what one Aussie artist did. So she started jazzing her nails, jewelry and even wedding accessories with these tiny plants called succulents and ended up turning them into a trendy sensation on Instagram.They look pretty cool on your fingers and nails too. They also quite honestly put Lee Press On Nails and conventional rings to shame.

Well she actually uses tiny plants called baby succulents to make all types of jewelry.

They even make for an absolutely adorable wedding ring. Hopefully neither the ring or the marriage will wither.

The succulents come in a variety of color from bluish-green to white, yellow, pin and even chartreuse. So the artistic possibilities are endless. As you can imagine, Instagram’s obsessed with the neutral pastel palette.

You couldn’t ask for anything wilder like this to pop out and grab other people’s attention but in a good way.

They make perfectly good looking wedding rings so why not a bridal garter like this one? The possibilities are endless when you’re creative at heart.

With the wide variety of styles and colors of these succulents, Roz Borg is more than happy to find a style that can make you look cool and exotic and still remain a manly man.

She uses Oasis glue, which is a special type of adhesive that she applies to the succulents and then presses then against a pair of false nails. Then she applies the false nails to her real nails, thereby creating her infamous succulent nails.

The Oasis glue won’t harm the succulents. It’ll actually allow the plants to continue to grow while temporarily housed on top of the faux nails.

Once the wearer notices the succulents beginning to peel off, they can simply plant them in the soil and allow them to continue to grow the way they were meant to. If only we could do these to all Instagram trends!

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