14 Fun Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer… #9 Is Extremely Effective.

14 Fun Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer… #9 Is Extremely Effective. June 12, 2018

As much as we may complain about the cold winter months, summer comes with its own set of headaches. It’s a constant battle to keep hydrated, covered with the right amount of sunblock, and all the while trying to keep cool. It feels like every summer the temperature is getting harder to endure. A couple days or weeks of the mercury rising and heat lovers are counting down the days till autumn arrives. It’s a good thing we have compile a list of DIY’s to keep your self cool and happy during the summer months. Number four may just be the most fun thing to do this summer.Take a couple of wash cloths and soak them in water. Squeeze out the excess water and roll them. Lay them in a cookie sheet, placing them in the freezer afterwards. Let the towels freeze till they are solid for a couple of hours. You can also add essential oils in the water mix for a more relaxing experience.

Fill a big bowl with ice and place it in front of a fan. The cool air will circulate around the room, lowering the temperature.

Feet are sensitive to temperature. To beat the extreme heat, dunk your feet in ice, cold water.

Fill up balloons with water and tie them to a string. Use the end of the string to secure to a tree branch or fence post. Give them a plastic bat for the piñata beating to begin.

Fill a bucket with water, chicken broth, and lots of dog treats. Freeze until it turns into ice. Turn the bucket over and put the frozen dessert on a plate or stand for your pups to enjoy.

Take a large, deep tray; mix water with blue and green food colouring. Randomly place dinosaurs in the container. Freeze for a couple of hours. Once frozen, take it out of the container and give the kids toy tools to excavate the dinosaurs.

Take two sponges and cut them into four, long pieces. Bend the sponge in half, tie it with dental floss to make a pom-pom. Put the complete piece in a bucket of water for a sponge fight.

Make your favourite coffee at home, wait till it cools to pour into ice tray. Place the tray in the freezer for a couple of hours. In a glass with milk and sugar drop the frozen cubes for a cold drink.

Combine one cucumber, a squeeze of lemon, one teaspoon of aloe vera, and one table spoon of rosewater. Put them in the blender for one minute. Strain the juice out with a cheese cloth. Drop the liquid in the bottle and spray over yourself as needed.

Pick up an aloe vera plant from your local tree nursery or hardware store. Aloe vera has a cooling effect when applied on the skin. After a long day under the sun it can also help soothe sun burns.

Use craft paper to fold in accordion style. Fold the paper in half and repeat two more times. Glue the middles and ends together. Use two popsicle sticks to glue on the opposite ends of the paper to complete your fan.

Fill an ice cube tray with your favourite fruit. Pour water to the top and freeze it for a couple of hours. You can add it to your water for a soft, fruity flavour or just suck on the cubes.

Use a clean, large soda bottle and poke eight holes the size of a skewer stick. Pick up a hose adapter and hose washers from your local hardware store. Twist both pieces on the end of the bottle, attach the other end to the hose. Turn the water on and enjoy your new sprinkler.

Place your bed sheets in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes before going to bed. Furthermore, make sure you are switching your summer fabric to cotton.