25 Summer DIY Projects To Get Your Home In The Mood For Sunshine.

25 Summer DIY Projects To Get Your Home In The Mood For Sunshine. May 31, 2019

It’s that time of the year! Get that sunblock, beach towel, and air conditioning ready because summer is here! For many people, this season is their vacation time. With so much time off it can sometimes be difficult to keep yourself occupied each day. And although all summer activities are super fun, not all of them are affordable. But keeping yourself occupied doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money every time. You can fill up your time with some free activities like the following DIY projects!Upgrade a normal pair of string lights by turning the bulbs into mini pineapples! Cover the bulbs with twist ties, spray paint them yellow afterwards and then attach green felt to the top of each one.

Snow globes don’t always have to be filled with snow and displaying wintery days. It can also display summer days with tropical decor! All you need is a mason jar, some fun summery plastic figurines, glitter, hot glue, and glycerin.

Fill a painted lantern with your favorite family photos to recreate these precious centerpieces! They’re great for late summer night barbecues and parties.

You probably didn’t think it was possible but yes you can make a cake that both looks and TASTES like a watermelon! The secret ingredients are watermelon-flavored jello and watermelon puree.

Create your very own outdoor loungers by connecting three bed pillows together. Aside from the pillows, all you’ll need is a waterproof vinyl case and four yards of weather-resistant fabric.

One of the most fun free summer activities is drawing on the sidewalk with some chalk. But instead of buying a brand new set of chalk, try making your own! You can use a plastic candle mold or ice cream mold to make your chalk a unique shape.

If you love sweet tea, then try turning it into a tasty desert for hot summer days. Just pour some sweet tea into a popsicle mold and you’re good to go. Or if you don’t have one, you could substitute with an ice cube mold!

If you have a plain tin box or metal container hanging around, repurpose it into a handsome holder. This will also make a great Father’s Day gift if you don’t have one already!

Make a paper-mache hive for just $10! First, you’ll need to inflate a 24-inch-wide balloon. Next, you’ll cover it up with paper mache made out of newspaper, water, and school glue. Once you’re done, you can use a pin to pop the balloon and then you can fill it with candy! Fill the whole thing with honey-colored paper streamers and voila!

Making one isn’t as hard as it looks! In fact, there’s an easy no-sew version. It’ll be a cozy spot for family and friends to hang out in on a hot day in the backyard.

Wreaths aren’t only for the holidays, you can make ones for the seasons as well! And what gives more of a summer vibe than a wreath made out of paper cocktail parasols?

If you have an ice cream maker, why leave the house and go all the way to 7-11 to purchase a slushee when you can make one at home? All you need is a cold water, sugar, McCormick raspberry extract and food coloring of your choice.

If you don’t have access to a campfire or just don’t want to deal with the whole process of making s’mores, try this recipe to bake your very own flower shaped s’more pie pops! This way, you’ll have a bunch of them ready to consume — perfect for a last minute summer party!

What’s more appropriate for the summer than fruit coasters? Recreate these fun coasters by painting over some round cork ones. All you’ll need is a lot of paint and a creative brain.

Do you enjoy playing Yahtzee? Well if you do, try making a life sized one to play in your backyard! It’ll make a great summer activity for days it’s too stuffy to stay inside the house.

Summer is the season we say goodbye to our pasty legs and hello to a glowing tan. If you’re the type to love to sunbathe then you’ll definitely want to create one of these babies for yourself. It’s the perfect companion on a sunny day.

If you’ve got some pallets hanging around, try breaking one apart to use for this DIY planter. You can use it to plant flowers, succulents, or even herbs!

There’s no denying it, we consume beverages the most during the summer season. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your backyard, it’ll be a good idea to make one of these beverage stations so you don’t have to walk back and fourth whenever you want a new drink!

Use acrylic paint to paint a couple of mason jars different colors. You can use them to store objects in an organized and color-coded manner or you can use them as vases for flowers.

Now we know this looks like a kid’s activity but look at how cool it looks! All you need is your shaving cream and food coloring and you’ve got a contained and colorful rain storm.

Fidget spinners are the newest trend that everyone can keep their hands off. They’re primarily for people who have anxiety or feel the need to always do something with their hands. These spinners, however, can come at a high price. Save your money and make one instead!

This is a great DIY project for a group of kids! Collect seashells from your local beach and provide paint, hot glue, and googly eyes for the kids to get creative with.

Have you ever been in a color fight? It’s actually pretty fun. It’s like playing paint ball without all the hurtful shots. And making the colored powder is actually quite easy!

If you don’t want to purchase a hammock, you can always make one out of macrame cord or rope. You don’t have to know how to knit or sew in order to rope these babies!

Recreate these super cute hoops to decorate your home with. You can hang them up on the wall or hang them from the ceiling. All you’ll need are embroidery hoops, greenery stems, faux flowers, and hot glue.