24 DIY Summer Wedding Favors And Food Ideas

24 DIY Summer Wedding Favors And Food Ideas June 4, 2019

There are numerous pros and cons about the summer. Some people can’t wait for summer to start while others can’t wait for it to end. In fact, some people love the summer so much that they have their weddings during the hot season. June is the most popular month for weddings, followed by August, July, and May. Summer weddings can be quite expensive. Flowers alone could cost you thousands of dollars. So if you’re having a summer wedding and looking for ways to save money, look no further! We have some great DIY ideas for your wedding below.These cute little plants can work double as a favor and event decor. Have individually planted ones for each one of your guests.

You’re not doing a summer wedding right if it’s not outside. And what’s a better way to pass time outside than with lawn games?! It’ll keep your guests engaged and it’ll be a great ice breaker for those who don’t know each other.

Create your own confetti! You can choose what color and shape you want it to be. You can go metallic and sparkly or soft with muted colors. The possibilities are endless.

Combine alcohol and dessert together with these delicious mojito ice pops. Get refreshed and a little tipsy at the same time.

Since you’ll most likely be having an outside wedding, you’ll definitely need some of these mosquito repellents. But instead of offering the actual bug spray repellent, have these so they can act as decor at the same time.

What better accessory to wear on your head during a summer wedding than a flower crown?! And don’t you even think about buying one when you can create one of your own with your own customizations.

An outside wedding during the summer season is going to include A LOT of sun. Help your guests keep the sunlight out of their eyes by providing sunglasses!

Spiking your sweets is always a good idea. Recreate these delicious watermelon margarita poptails with a blender, watermelon, lime juice, sugar, tequila and salt.

Provide these cute little tiny s’more packages along with skewers for the perfect wedding campfire. Designate a place outside for the fire so your guests can enjoy these delicious campfire desserts.

A great way to let your guests snack guiltlessly. They’re sweet, refreshing, and don’t add on the same amount of calories as traditional desserts.

Another great way to keep yourself and your guests cool at a summer wedding. Provide a bar filled with Otter Pops. You won’t regret it!

Spice up your chairs by attaching flowers to them. Tie burlap around the top ride of a mason jar and then securely hook them over aisle chairs. You can also switch the burlap for ribbon or fabric in one of your wedding theme colors.

Yes, we know… another mason jar project? But we can’t help it, mason jars have been so trendy. And these mason jar tea lights will bright up your wedding with style!

If you’re going for a rustic wedding theme, try filling an old wheelbarrow with ice and beer. It’ll make a vintage looking bar.

Most weddings nowadays have photo booths so the guests can take several photos throughout the event to make memories of the night. Such photo booths usually have fun props. But you can make props of your own. You can have them match your wedding theme or photo backgrounds.

If you need a cool photo background, you can try creating your own photo op out of plywood. Just use the wallpaper you want, paint, and some thrift store frames.

This send-off trend will make the perfect ending to a perfect night. It’s interactive and it’ll make for some great photos! There’s no better closure for the night than with these sparkly things.

String lights will always have a place in outside weddings. But you can put a twist on regular lights by adding dollies to them! It’ll create a more romantic vibe with the illusion of floating lace.

The go-to dessert bar at any standard summer wedding: an ice cream bar. Let’s face it, ice cream’s a classic dessert that everybody would love on a hot day.

If your guests are going to be sitting out in the sun on a hot day, the least you could do is offer them a cold refreshing water bottle along with the wedding program.

If you’re on a budget, the best party favors you can get for your guests are lottery tickets! Who knows, they could even win big. Try packaging them in pretty envelopes to avoid their tacky look!

Another great way to design your programs for a summer wedding is to transform them into fans! Just stick the programs on popsicle sticks and voila! This will help keep them cool while you’re saying your vows.

Booking a photo booth or hiring a photographer specifically to shoot photos of the guests can be expensive. Instead, try leaving a polaroid camera at the front for your guests to take photos of themselves and put into the guestbook!

This one’s more for the ladies after they’ve finally given up on wearing their heels for the rest of the night. This will also be useful for those who decide to have a beach wedding.