30 Super Bowl Snacks You Definitely Need On Game Day.

30 Super Bowl Snacks You Definitely Need On Game Day. February 5, 2018

Most Super Bowl parties really only require three essentials: a TV, drinks, and food. You can’t sit around a TV for five hours without having some good grub to munch on. Don’t settle for takeout or delivery, create your own special dishes and appetizers. Your food will definitely taste better and everyone at the party will praise you for it. Here’s some good food ideas to get you started.Ever wondered what an entire onion tasted like fried?

Perfect for your vegan/vegetarian friends!

A layered dip you won’t want to mess up.

Fries that don’t need ketchup.

Mushrooms you don’t want to miss out on.

No dip required, already provided – just eat all in one go.

Bacon finger food? Yes please.

A delicious meatball sandwich that’s still healthy.

Why should good liquor be restricted to drinking purposes?

Better than your traditional corndog.

Scrumptious and Super Bowl decor at the same time!

Your favorite southern comfort food in bite sizes.

A taco… in cupcake form?

Fries that you can actually get full off.

The best fusion ever.

Pizza flavored dip that you can dip into with anything.

Because the cheese goodness will explode in your mouth.

Another festive delicious dip!

Eat your mashed potatoes without a bowl and a spoon.

Because burgers will always be a staple at a football party.

Cheesy potatoes everyone will love.

Pizza and quesadilla in one.

Better than take out chicken wings.

Enjoy a chili cheese dog without all the usual mess that comes with it.

Nontraditional meatballs that won’t disappoint.

Or traditional meatballs sandwiched between a pair of buns.

For all the spice lovers in the house.

A sloppy joe minus the sloppy.

Be creative with your dessert table!

Nontraditional pizzas that you can pull apart.