Surefire Signs That Your Dog Misses You.

Surefire Signs That Your Dog Misses You. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you have a furry family member at home, then you should already know how loving they can be. But did you know that dogs are actually extremely emotional creatures? Just like humans, dogs can miss the people that they’re closest to, and also like humans, they’ll sometimes act out from frustration and sadness. If you’re not sure if your dog misses you when you’re gone, look for these sure signs of a lonely pup.Even though they can be pretty annoying at times, dogs are vocal because they have something that they need to say. If your dog whines, howls, or barks when you get ready to leave the house, then they’re blatantly telling you that they don’t want you to leave them alone all day.

If your dog straight up ignores you every time you get ready to leave, then there’s a good chance that they’re not happy with you. But don’t worry, they’ll be ready to show you some love as soon as you walk back in through the door.

More often than not, a dog that misses their owner while they’re away won’t even try to enjoy their alone time. Instead, they’ll sit by the door or window staring out until their owner arrives back home to give them the attention that they’re in desperate need of.

If your furry friend can’t stop jumping on you or licking you after you get home, remember, it may be annoying, but they’re doing it for a reason. Dogs love the attention that they get from their favorite human, which is why they can’t help but get excited every time they see you!

Because of how social dogs are they miss their owners every time they’re alone. So, when you get home and your dog won’t let you go to the bathroom by yourself, you can feel better knowing that they just want to be around you all of the time!

Separation anxiety is a very real thing for canines, so if you notice that your dog is chewing the furniture or going to the bathroom in your house, then your dog probably has anxiety about you leaving.

If you notice that your dog is always cuddling your belongings, or unfortunately, chewing on them, then your dog definitely misses you when you’re away. Their sense of smell is unreal, so if they’re hanging out in your pile of shoes while you’re gone, then they’re just trying to get a good sniff of your scent!

If you notice that your dog leans up against you after you’ve been gone for a while, then you should know that they’re doing it because they miss you. The reason why dogs lean up against their owners is that they just need to feel close.

Well, this is because they tend to mimic the expressions that their owner makes. If your dog smiles at you when you get home it’s a sure sign that they really missed you all day long.

Not only would they do anything for your attention, but they’ll do anything to make you happy, as well. If you think that your dog misses you while you’re gone, make sure to show them a bit more attention when you get home, just to let them know you care.

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