Surreal Photoshop Battle Will Change Your View Of Snails Forever.

Surreal Photoshop Battle Will Change Your View Of Snails Forever. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The Internet is a lovely place where creativity can run wild. We’re used to seeing flocks of people ask others to Photoshop their bad photos, or to edit unwanted details out. That turns into a massive Photoshop battle that has everyone mocking the original poster in hilarious ways. Now a colossal battle has ensued and involves a super adorable snail eating a cucumber. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, comes a story that will break your heart a little, and make you crack a rib laughing.That’s all Redittor Phasechange needed to say on the subreddit thread “Photoshop Battles” to start a new war. Immediately, people started commenting and coming up with an insane plot with social commentary that had everyone cracking up.

Lovely Mr Snail is seen dinning with his significant other, albeit, mindbogglingly slowly, but staring into each other’s adoring gaze. Do snails even have a gaze? Nevermind. Wait until you see what happens next.

Couldn’t they have waited perhaps another week? Thankfully, dad’s cucumber ‘s enough to split. No, not THAT cucumber!

Tragically, they married young and slowly fell apart. Their innocent children got caught in the middle while mom and dad argued over their belongings. Do you think she got the house in Boca too?

Of course he’s going to feel horribly. He lost his ‘snailmate’ and now he’s got no one to share his half-cucumber with.

The picture they submitted next was hilariously titled “Delete Facebook, hit the gym, lawyer up.” You got to train hard to live hard.

He may have bills to pay, a second mortgage on his shell, and his wife left him probably for another snail with a much bigger cucumber, but the guy’s feeling himself, and taking care of his kids.

Another submission perfectly resembles what reality for a newly-divorced father of 3 would look like. Let’s just say someone’s been celebrating Oktoberfest for way too long now.

Titled “The ugly truth” we’re presented with the ultimate retreat. Now this little fellow won’t feel lonely. Let’s just hope he sticks to finding “Mrs Right Now” and has some fun that doesn’t end up with a call to his lawyer 4 weeks from now.

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