This Tahitian Dancer’s Hips Are So Intoxicating I Didn’t Blink Once.

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Forget twerking, bumping, and grinding. If you want to see a beautiful and sensuous dance, you may want to watch Tahitian moves. And the person who dominates this traditional Polynesian dance is 19-year-old Melanie Amen. Melanie began dancing when she was only two and was competing by the time she was five. The Stockton, California resident competed in the 2015 Ori Tahiti Nui world dance championships where she took first place with delicate arm movements and fast paced swaying of her hips. Melanie competed against 17 other women from all over the world from countries like Tahiti, Japan, United States, Mexico, and France. Since her win, she was invited to join one of the world’s best Tahitian dance groups. She also plans to compete this year to keep her crown. After you watch the video you will understand why she was the undisputed winner.
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