Take A Tour Of Etsy’s NY Headquarters.

Take A Tour Of Etsy’s NY Headquarters. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Etsy is the one place where you can buy or sell handmade creations and vintage stuff. But have you ever wondered what their headquarters actually look like? It’s an amazing wonderland that’s as creative and interesting as some of the things you see posted on their site. This e-commerce company is so popular and it recently moved its headquarters to Brooklyn, New York. But the new office had to incorporate everything that Etsy represented, so that’s where architecture and design firm Gensler came into the proverbial picture. Now, if you’re fortunate enough to visit Etsy, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a whole new world of coolness.Whether you’re looking at the moss walls or up at the ceiling, there’s pretty much something for every employee and visitor to stare at in amazement.

Dubbed the “Green Embrace” by Etsy, the work area is full of living greenscape that makes it feel like you’re inside Tarzan’s Greystoke Industries with all the greenery surrounding you.

In fact, it won the Excellence Award from the Center for Active Design for being so environmentally friendly, and that includes the salvaged wood and toxin-free paint, as well as the décor bought from Etsy sellers.

The interconnecting stair in itself is impressive and allows your eyes to wander at the amazing visual features and amenities that Etsy’s HQ has to offer.

Imagine hanging out in an open lounge like this one where you can work on your laptop, come up with new ideas, or just relax and have a conversation with a few co-workers.

What they got were requests for quiet spaces as well as open collaboration areas where employees could come up with new designs.

From the walls to the very chairs, there’s something about this brand new work environment that’s bound to change the way Etsy employees see their workspace.

But the best part is that they can also take a look at the beautiful city through the various windows, which allow natural sunlight in instead of being cooped up in a cubicle with artificial lighting.

It’s like the headquarters itself is one giant brainstorm and all the employees are collectively inside Etsy’s mind working to create new ideas out of the inspiration that surrounds them.

It actually opens its doors to the community to invite others to take a look at how awesome Etsy is through speaking events, workshops, and maker demonstrations.

You can brainstorm with your co-workers, have a drink, or look away from your laptop and soothe your eyes with some green plants. They’re everywhere.

Here you’ll find the standard workstations, as well as standing-height spaces as an alternative. Plus, there are individual rooms for people to have private meetings in as well.

The ninth floor also offers a mother’s room, a quiet room, and even showers as well, which is great if you rode your bike to work in the middle of summer and need to freshen up.

Who would want to leave when they can relax in rec rooms with pianos and small tables with checkers? They also have a wellness suite with a yoga studio, and a garden library.

This is one place that won’t frown on its employees for taking some time to live and work, because it’s that freedom that allows everyone to become more productive.

It seems like they’re very dedicated to making sure that everyone working here is comfy, and they’re confident about their future because Etsy has signed a 10-year lease on their new headquarters consisting of nine floors.

Plus, you get a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Freedom Tower in the far distance. So, if anyone is ever feeling stressed, all they have to do is look up a bit and the beauty of the city will help them to chill.

It seems like Etsy is redefining the concept of those old, stuffy, conference rooms that put everyone to sleep before the meeting even started. The meeting areas here are so open, freeing, and fun!

But don’t worry, cause you won’t be completely cut off since there’s a glass wall that allows you to see your co-workers as they pass by, and they can see you.

Not only will you see plenty of plants, but you’ll be happy to know that all the wood you see in the offices are reclaimed or come from responsibly managed forests.

After all, no one said you couldn’t get some work done and get a tan too. You can also socialize, or take a break and have a snack out here.

You can also go to the roof and chillax there as well. So, really, there’s simply no excuse no to enjoy the wide-open spaces of this outdoor work mecca.

The building provides comfort, safety, and an environment that’s extremely imaginative, which helps employees to function at peak efficiency.

By using natural light, the company not only saves 80,000 kilowatt-hours of energy a year, but they also save money on an otherwise costly electricity bill. In the end, Etsy is a cost-saving, green workplace that is super friendly, easy going, and awesome!

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