She Pranked Dad With Her New (Fake) Tattoo…

She Pranked Dad With Her New (Fake) Tattoo… September 27, 2017

For the majority of my teenage years, my parents warned me that if I ever got a tattoo, I’d be in huge trouble. Flash forward to my early twenties when I got the tattoo: I went home and waved my arm around, wondering if they’d say anything. Ironically, the thing they were most worried about me doing is the thing that they never really noticed. Weeks later, my dad glanced at me at the table and said “Hey…what’s that? Is it real?” In that moment, I wish I could have been like the women in this video and told him no. After all, you just never know how parents will react to learning that their kid has a tattoo – but you can rest assured that it probably won’t be good.