Teacher Charged With Child Abuse After 7-Year-Old Suffers Fractured Jaw.

Teacher Charged With Child Abuse After 7-Year-Old Suffers Fractured Jaw. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A Baltimore teacher, Timothy Korr, was arrested after slamming seven year old Trayvon Grayson into a wall during school hours. Korr said that Grayson was being physically removed from the classroom because he was being disruptive, when he tripped and fell into a wall. Grayson suffered several lost teeth, cuts and bruises and a broken jaw. Surveillance video obtained by police from the school show that Korr indeed slammed Grayson into the wall on purpose. He was arrested and charged with child abuse, reckless endangerment of a minor and second degree assault. The video evidence will be all that is needed when he has his day in court.Timothy Korr, a teacher in Baltimore, was arrested after he attacked Grayson. The 7-year-old student had a broken jaw and lost several teeth in the attack.

Korr, 25, was arrested on charges of child abuse, reckless endangerment of a minor and second degree assault. Reports say that he threw Grayson up against a wall.

Grayson had a broken jaw, bruises, cuts and had two teeth knocked out when he hit the wall. Another tooth was pushed into his gums.

According to his parents, Lateekqua Jackson and Trayvon Grayson Sr., their son needed extensive surgery. There was no apprent reason for the attack by Korr.

The teacher in the Baltimore school system told police that he was physically removing Grayson from his class when it happened. He was being removed for being disruptive in class.

Korr told police that while being removed from the class Grayson tripped. This is what led to his injuries, when he fell into the wall.

She told members of the media “He can’t throw himself into the wall and fracture his jaw and lose his teeth.” It certainly would be hard for a person to do, so she is right.

She added “He’s only 7 years old. He’s so small he’s not going to do the damage to himself.” The damage that Grayson sustained seems to back up his mothers claim.

He told the media “He goes to school and you think he was safe.” No parent should ever get that phone call when their kid is in school.

He added to the press “It’s just really pretty bad.” He meant not only his son’s condition but that the event took place while in school as well.

She said by the time she arrived at the school that Grayson was already being treated. He was crying and there was blood coming from his mouth.

She said “I looked in the ambulance and there’s my son, his face big, mouth bloody. I turned to the teacher, (and said) this isn’t regular restraint.” It was clear that more force was used than was needed.

Jackson told the media that that Grayson not only suffered physically from the attack. Since then he has suffered mentally as well.

His mother said “My son had dreams about it all last night. He’s still shaking in his sleep, saying that he keeps having visions of his teacher throwing him into a wall.” She told this to WBAL TV.

They reviewed the school’s surveillance footage and quickly arrest Korr. They didn’t like what they saw on the tape.

Chief T.J. Smith, a Baltimore police spokesman, reported that the video clearly showed Grayson being slammed into a wall. He went limp after the contact.

He told members of the press that “The video does show him carrying the child and slamming him up against the wall, and it’s very difficult to watch. We cringed a number of times as we watched the video.” The evidence against Korr was overwhelming.

He added “It’s never appropriate to inflict this type of harm on a child.” The force used was obviously very excessive.

He told the media “That video basically made our investigation pick up that much more. It showed an assault, and it showed this 7-year-old boy in school being slammed about by this 25-year-old man, and I’m being nice by calling him a 25-year-old man.” There is no question that it is Korr in the video committing the abuse.

She said “To fracture his face and make his teeth fall out, a 7-year-old cannot do that to himself.” The video that police saw backs up her claim.

Baltimore City Schools say they are fully cooperating with the investigation. They want authorities to be able to properly prosecute the case.

In the statement that the school released, they said that Korr wasn’t a normal employee of theirs. He worked for a charter operator called the Baltimore Curriculum Project.

The physical damage is just one part of it. The emotional damage could last much longer. Grayson just wants to live a normal life of a kid again.

The wounds are showing signs of healing and he looks better with each passing day. That can’t ever change what happened that day though.

Grayson has done so many interviews with the media since the attack that he has come to know a lot of the reporters and cameramen. He looks to have an interest in possibly becoming a reporter.

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