When Teachers Raid Facebook. Why Couldn’t I Have A Teacher Like This?

When Teachers Raid Facebook. Why Couldn’t I Have A Teacher Like This? October 1, 2017

Facebook is rapidly becoming the social platform where people over-share. We all know that feeling when a Facebook friend updates his or her status with something we do not need to know. This is what happens when teachers do the same.You would think that high school students procrastinate, but no one does it like a teacher.

Kids and their teachers these days.

Don’t you hate (and secretly love it) when teachers fail at technology?

Quirky teachers like this are real gems nowadays.

Someone is in real trouble.

Both the incident and her grammar are horrible. She works with children though.

Maybe teachers don’t like proper spelling on Facebook or something…

That student must be in deep trouble, specifically because he’s right.

Although these kinds of teachers are impossible to argue with.

This here is one of the major downside of befriending everyone you know on Facebook.

Good job Massachusetts’s Board of Education.

Imagine if 6th graders could get capital punishment. Phew.

This is classic over-sharing, on someone else’s behalf.

Seriously, teachers like these are the reason students succeed later in life.

Well, they are humans too. Why can’t they share their passions?

He became a fan of those two things at the same time, that’s the punch line.