29 Times Older People Failed At Technology, And It’s Gloriously Funny.

29 Times Older People Failed At Technology, And It’s Gloriously Funny. March 19, 2019

It’s easy for the younger generation to adapt to and learn how to use “basic technology” like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For older people, however, it can be a little difficult. Parents and grandparents don’t always get it right off the bat and who do they usually go to for help: their kids and grandkids. Usually it’s because, they claim, “you’re on your phone/computer all the time, so you must know how to use everything!” With that said, some parents and grandparents make the most hilarious of mistakes! Check out some of them below, you’ll get a laugh out of each one.Apparently, everything was moving backwards…

He’s kind of a big deal.

Ouch Grandma!

So he found a different way to send him multimedia messages.

It does kind of resemble a cutting board.

Grandma as the wallpaper, although it appears to be a major close up.

But that didn’t stop him from sending a picture of his new stove.

The right tools for the right job! She’s one clever gal!

“Look son, I’m touching all the melons!”

She’s using the front camera to take a mirror selfie.

Dad should be proud that she was even able to achieve this much.

I don’t know Mom, probably because you have eleven toolbars…

It’s ok, maybe one day she’ll get it.

So she grandma-fied the remote for her. Honestly, the other buttons are useless.

But you have to admit, this kinda looks like the latest Blackberry.

Such dedication! I’d be too lazy for such a… BOOKMARK!

Yep, that’s what they are, model pirates. That’s definitely a thing.

So he’s trying to unfreeze it with a blow dryer.

For some reason she claimed the phone wouldn’t let her send pictures. Two hours later, she realized her mom set it as her profile photo.

Wrong emoji mom, wrong emoji! Totally inappropriate.

She’s lucky her mom has a sense of humor about those things.

Good thing she wasn’t electrocuted by this!

This has got to be the slowest picture message ever. Besides, the process of getting a picture off of your phone and printed is far more sophisticated.

Apparently, the outside clock was always showing the wrong time.

Maybe she’s just a visionary already living in a future where machines have feelings and are self-aware.

For some people, that means fixing everyone’s phone problems like mom somehow magically getting ads on her lock screen.

Grandma is so sweet!

Way to go, Linda!