29 Times Older People Failed At Technology, And It’s Gloriously Funny.

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Grandma called her over to fix her computer.

It's easy for the younger generation to adapt to and learn how to use "basic technology" like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For older people, however, it can be a little difficult. Parents and grandparents don't always get it right off the bat and who do they usually go to for help: their kids and grandkids. Usually it's because, they claim, "you're on your phone/computer all the time, so you must know how to use everything!" With that said, some parents and grandparents make the most hilarious of mistakes! Check out some of them below, you'll get a laugh out of each one.Apparently, everything was moving backwards...

When Grandma thinks CNN needs to know her grandson's name.

He's kind of a big deal.

What happens when you don't know how to Facebook.

Ouch Grandma!

His dad doesn't know how to text on his flip phone.

So he found a different way to send him multimedia messages.

"My girlfriend's grandma thought the iPad was a cutting board."

It does kind of resemble a cutting board.

Opened mom's laptop to find this gem on there.

Grandma as the wallpaper, although it appears to be a major close up.

Their dad didn't know how to turn off his front camera heart feature on his phone.

But that didn't stop him from sending a picture of his new stove.

This is how this 90-year-old grandma zooms in on her iPhone.

The right tools for the right job! She's one clever gal!

What happens when dad gets his first camera phone.

"Look son, I'm touching all the melons!"

This grandma's getting pretty high tech and it definitely looks like she's having fun.


This grandma took her very first selfie here.

She's using the front camera to take a mirror selfie.

Grandma got her first cellphone!

Dad should be proud that she was even able to achieve this much.

Mom asked why the computer was so slow.

I don't know Mom, probably because you have eleven toolbars...

What happens when you let mom use technology.

It's ok, maybe one day she'll get it.

Her grandma complained that her remote control was too confusing.

So she grandma-fied the remote for her. Honestly, the other buttons are useless.

A grandma asked whose phone this belonged to.

But you have to admit, this kinda looks like the latest Blackberry.

Her nana wanted to show her some of her favorite websites.

Such dedication! I'd be too lazy for such a... BOOKMARK!

Her dad said, "Look, those TV models are pirates."

Yep, that's what they are, model pirates. That's definitely a thing.

He was told the computer was frozen.

So he's trying to unfreeze it with a blow dryer.
Time To Break

Her mom tried to send a picture of grandma's diapers so she could pick them up at the store.

For some reason she claimed the phone wouldn't let her send pictures. Two hours later, she realized her mom set it as her profile photo.

When your mom doesn't know how to differentiate the cry laughing emoji from the actual crying emoji.

Wrong emoji mom, wrong emoji! Totally inappropriate.

She got her mom an iPad, but had to get it engraved first.

She's lucky her mom has a sense of humor about those things.

When you leave your 82-year-old grandma alone.

Good thing she wasn't electrocuted by this!

Grandma sent this in the mail.

This has got to be the slowest picture message ever. Besides, the process of getting a picture off of your phone and printed is far more sophisticated.

His nana asked him to fix her phone.

Apparently, the outside clock was always showing the wrong time.

This grandma types out "please" and "thank you" every time she googles something.

Maybe she's just a visionary already living in a future where machines have feelings and are self-aware.
Ben John

Thanksgiving is different for everyone.

For some people, that means fixing everyone's phone problems like mom somehow magically getting ads on her lock screen.

Ok so this one isn't really a fail.

Grandma is so sweet!

I wonder if she ever got her Walmart gift card.

Way to go, Linda!