Teen Bravely Shared Horrific Photos Of What Fire Did To His Body.

Teen Bravely Shared Horrific Photos Of What Fire Did To His Body. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2009 and 2013, candles caused 3 per cent of home fires in the United States. Today, it is estimated there 25 home candle fires per day reported. Every case is different and the severity of the damage varies. 60 per cent of the fires caused by a candle are due to things being too close, thus, starting the fire. Additionally, people falling asleep or leaving a candle unattended is a high factor. The consequences go beyond the material loss.He wanted his sister to post of a photo of himself on Facebook after 15 weeks in the hospital.

The teen from Shildon, County Durham in England was in the upstairs bedroom.

He was considered the worst case they had ever seen.

“This is the only picture we have taken of Troy in 15 weeks. I’m incredibly proud of him,” she reveals.

He also wanted the photo uploaded to show his appreciation for all the hard work the medical staff has done for him.

The family sees Troy’s survival a miracle.

In 2008, an ex-partner threw acid on her face and neck, consequently, she lost one eye. Piper set up a foundation for burn victims in the United Kingdom.

Troy has received positive comments from people all over the world. His family see it has helped him with his confidence. “He didn’t think anyone would like him after the accident and that no one would want to go and see him,” Woods admits.

One of the nurses who took care of Troy commented on the photo. “Well done Troy, I looked after you on your last night before you moved to the burns unit. I said from the start this will all be a memory soon and you will get there.”

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