Teen Girl Runs Downstairs Screaming, What’s On Her Neck… I’m Horrified.

Teen Girl Runs Downstairs Screaming, What’s On Her Neck… I’m Horrified. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You can take a teen’s allowance away, and even ground them until they’re ready to graduate or move out of the house. They won’t mind…well they might a little. But don’t you dare take their cell phone away. It’s the lifeline teenagers use to communicate with their friends, but for 13-year-old Gabbie Fedro, her smart phone turned against her, like Skynet turned on humans. Soon she realized that her electronic BFF could burn more than a frenemy with a snarky comeback and trust us, she has the burn marks on her neck to prove it too.While talking on her cell phone, Gabbie’s phone unexpectedly malfunctioned in a big way. It leaked chemicals on her neck and shoulder, which sent her running in hysteria, as you can imagine.

You can only imagine what neighbors thought was happening to poor Gabbie when they heard her screaming her lungs out, and yes, that’s how loud she was. Plus she lives in a duplex so the walls just aren’t thick enough.

It turns out that the T-Mobile LG d500 Jackie had bought Gabbie was to blame for her daughter’s pain.

Gabbie’s smart phone was plugged into the wall, and it was charging while she was talking on it. The charger then touched her Claire’s necklace, which sent an electric charge through it, leaving her a love mark she’ll definitely never forget.

This is why Jackie has taken to social media to warn people about the dangers of mobile phones, but she’s also planning on taking the cell phone company to court too.

Of course, that wasn’t something that the Chicago-native could do. After all, Gabbie is always on the go and heavily involved in sports. She needed her cellphone like any other teen would.

Like most parents, Jackie caved in. The cell phone was meant to make things easier when staying in touch with her daughter.

When she heard her daughter screaming in pain, she felt powerless. After all, it took Gabbie about five minutes before she could muster up the strength to tell her mom what had happened.

After all, you can’t expect a second-degree burn to just go away with a little Neosporin, and it looks like there isn’t a single necklace in the world that can cover the scar around her neck.

According to Scott Wolfson of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, while pretty rare, cell phone injuries do happen.

Yeah! Worse is an understatement as the phone’s lithium-ion battery can overheat, causing burns or even lead to the phone exploding!

Of all the risk factors, the most common one involves using a knock-off charger or battery. In fact, if you don’t want to end up like Gabbie, avoid those mall kiosks that sell these knock-offs. It may very well save your skin, or even your life.

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