Teen Who Woke Up At 4 AM Every Morning To Catch School Bus Was Given A New Car.

Teen Who Woke Up At 4 AM Every Morning To Catch School Bus Was Given A New Car. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Education is essential for success. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to get kids just to go to class, let alone what this young man went through to get himself to school every single day. Keep reading to find out how this young man did everything he could to get to school and the incredible gift he received for doing so.You see, his parents relocated, which put him about 10 miles from Tarrant High School in Alabama. It may have only been 10 miles, but it took him 90 minutes to get there using public transportation. Every morning, Patrick would wake up at 4:00 am just to make it to the bus.

This bus driver who dropped him off took a picture of him with this heartwarming caption, “You tell me this ain’t determination he got on my bus to go to his graduation no one was with him I pick him in Elyton projects drop him at the at the crossplex in 5 points sometimes it’s all in what you want out of life he didn’t have on the best but he was the best in my eyes I was so proud of this black young man.”

“I had to do what was necessary for me to walk this year,” he explained. The photo of the young man went viral, collecting more than 43,000 shares on Facebook.

“Little buddy wanted to do this, trying to get no hype on the internet or trying to get no hype on the radio. He did it because he wanted his high school diploma,” said Smiley. Smiley knew that he needed to do something for the determined young man.

The radio show host, and a few of his friends, decided to gift Patrick his very own car! Smiley even said he’d help Patrick get his drivers license, but that’s not all that they did for Patrick.

Patrick has received a full scholarship to Jacksonville University, and he told Smiley that he would be majoring in computer science. Way to go Corey! Keep up the fantastic work. You’ll be going far in life!

**This just goes to show that hard work and determination can really pay off.**

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