Teenage Girl From Georgia Being Called The New Cash Me Ousside 2.0.

Teenage Girl From Georgia Being Called The New Cash Me Ousside 2.0. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It seems that people will do just about anything to reach social media fame. Be it risqué videos and photos or simply saying inflammatory comments to get people to stop and pay attention. After all, you are competing with 700 million Instagram users, one billion YouTubers, 328 million tweeters, and 1.9 billion Facebook participants. If you want to be known for nothing, you need to say or act out of the ordinary.She became an online sensation after she appeared on the Dr. Phil Show when she was on the episode aired on September 2016.

Her gangsta wannabe, tough girl persona has made the 14-year-old rich. She moved with her mom to Los Angeles, California, to pursue an entertainment career.

Victoria Waldrip began her online presence by making fun of Danielle. The 17-year-old doesn’t swear on her videos, she takes it further.

Victoria began to claim her race was black. Therefore, she began to refer to her friends as, n*****, naturally making people online very angry.

She claimed Danielle was trying to “act” black. Something Victoria took as a personal offense.

She didn’t let this deter her from posing and acting how she thinks or assumes black people behave.

Previous videos of her show she spoke normally and identified as being white. Victoria also claims she was born in Zone 6.

She likes to post photos of herself holding guns. Whether those weapons are real is not clear.

She claims she did the ancestry test online and found out she was 25% black. She even found a photo of who she claimed was her great aunt, who was a black woman. “I am the reason I am here,” she claimed.

She claimed people often compare her to Beyonce. Although, who those people are is still unknown.

In one video, she claims she is black by jumping in the pool and pretending she can’t swim. She also says her hair is curly not straight.

She posts photos of herself holding guns. She calls herself the “Zone 6 Queen.”

Hiram is just a street name not an actual town based on a Google search. Despite her vowing she comes from the hood, her surroundings look anything but a struggle.

She also shares pics of her trips to places like Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, New York City, and Los Angeles. In other pics, she poses by a Range Rover in what appears to be an affluent neighborhood.

“Homes by Steve Waldrip” led many to the man’s personal Facebook page. What was discovered is that both of Victoria’s parents are white. Her father’s biography places him as a successful homebuilder.

They include make-up lessons to black women on “how to make your melanin glow.”

Her latest announcement on social media was that she is pregnant. She happily confirmed it by taking a pregnancy test and showing the positive result to her viewers.

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