Terrified Villagers Beat This ‘Alien’ Monster, But The Truth Is Heartbreaking.

Terrified Villagers Beat This ‘Alien’ Monster, But The Truth Is Heartbreaking. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Whenever something different or new appears, people want to dissect it, study it, and even condemn it. Rather than trying to act with curiosity but also compassion, humanity tends to act with little regard with what is different or unusual. As deforestation occurs in parts of the world, animals’ natural habitats are diminished and destroyed. Often times, food and resources used to survive become scarce and wildlife begin to make their way into the city or small towns. Most times, it is people encroaching. A small village bordering Brunei and Malaysia thought they had discovered an extra-terrestrial being, come to terrorize and hurt them. Rather than call local authorities, villagers took it upon themselves to attack the creature with sticks. Their assault was so severe, the strange-looking thing was left unconscious and badly beaten.They shared it online, making it go viral as it was thought it was an alien.

This is the smallest bear in the bear species, growing only half as tall as an American black bear.

Sun bears usually feed off berries, roots, fruits, insects, and small birds. A healthy sun bear can be expected to weigh between 60 to 150 pounds.

It took authorities two months to locate the animal after it was beaten up. When he was rescued by the Sarawak forestry Corporation and it was treated for skin infection, mite infestation, and anemia.

The nocturnal creature is vulnerable in its numbers. They are in danger of extinction due to poaching, pet trade, and deforestation.

These shy bears are mercilessly killed by farmers who want them to stay away from eating their crops.

Sun bears are expert climbers. They love spending time in trees.

Despite the fact that it has been proven it serves no medicinal purposes.

->**This is one of the videos uploaded online, claiming the villagers had found an alien.**<-

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